We all know that autocorrect has a great sense of humor, and sometimes it gets us into quite an awkward predicament. We’ve compiled a few hilarious autocorrects and mishaps screenshots that left users red faced and completely embarrassed.

1. When autocorrect is spot on. What a way to reveal a pregnancy!

2. Now that’s how you grab your kid’s attention


3. When your mother has created her own meaning to an existing acronym. LOL


4. At least his dad went along with it hahaha.


5. The true epitome of autocorrect! Your texts are too repulsive that the real meaning behind it has quickly died out.


6. Oh Mom.


7. Child discipline at its best! 😀

8. A phone call would’ve been best for sure.

9. And some people just have fun with it!


If you want to avoid any awkward autocorrects, go to settings, general then keyboard, where you can you can switch off the auto-correction.