Egyptian actor, Mohamed Henedy, is a comedian legend. He is the king of effehat and subtle life hacks. Throughout the years, he has given us so much advice that we weren’t aware of at the time! Now, life has kicked more sense into us. So, let’s take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about the wisdom of Henedy! 

1- Fake it till you make it 

Mohamed Henedy

You don’t need to BE the best. You just need to ACT like you are.

2- Guys shouldn’t trust a single woman on the planet except their moms…and if their parents got divorced, then not even her 

Mohamed Henedy

Find me an Egyptian guy who hasn’t used el effeh da at least once with their bestfriend. Whether he just broke up, got cheated on or if his girlfriend turned out to have a crush on the guy she told him not to worry about. It’s the perfect advice and open for interpretation, therefore, fits every relationship situation.

3- Whining will get you out of even arkham lagna 

Mohamed henedy

Lagna ya3ni nerves and paranoia to any Egyptian, whether you’re in the clear or not, especially if you’re a girl and a guy alone in a car. The invasive questions you get asked such as ‘meen el ma3ak di?’ alone should make you a little too uncomfortable! Henedy, however, has got the solution to this problem! Repeat yourself. Repeat yourself a lot, even if you have to go on for 6 hours. Stand your position and don’t back down and you will get out of trouble. Even if there was no trouble to begin with!

Moral of the story: Khaleek Zanan w Moshkeltak Hatet7al

4- Wallow in silence 


Timon might have been outcasted from his colony, but he sure was a wise meerkat. This is a great life lesson we all need to demonstrate more in our daily lives. Don’t exaggerate your problems, because in the grand scheme of things, you’re doing better than you think. Don’t think too much of yourself and take things lightly!

5- When life gets hard, get harder


Ahh, Timon the great, how you blow us away with your deep percipience. Easier said than done, my friend. Although, you can’t help but feel like this sounds like an advice Ahmed Sheba would give you.

6- Ew3a te2ol ma3rafash

Timon and Pumba

It is a typical Egyptian habit to feel shameful when we don’t know the answer to a question. ‘Arouh midan lebnan izay, lawsama7t?’…erza3 ay haga w khalas..3adi, it’s not like I’m late for something and obviously lost. Egyptians just got to have an answer to everything, whether it’s science related or a general life question, somehow Egyptians pull an answer out of their a**es and hand it to you. But, who doesn’t appreciate Henedy’s biggest lie to Pumba and who hasn’t stopped for a moment and considered that stars might actually be fireflies stuck on a big blue carpet?

7- Be fresh!

Mohamed Henedy

I cannot stress this point hard enough! re7la = fresh. Howa enta hatsafer kam mara? Enjoy it!

8- If our finger hurts, we shouldn’t heal it, ne2ta3o!

If something’s making our life difficult and we know we can do without it, we should get rid of it immediately! Even if it’s gonna cause us more problems in the future! Be now people, people!  Don’t take el maw3eza too literally though.

9- Henedy: “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up”

Mohamed Henedy

Note to self: Be more like Henedy!