I’m no relationship expert but when it comes to “tazbeet”, there are definitely certain rules to follow!! But like most rules, these too have exceptions . Here are 9 things to avoid during the “tazbeet” phase. Now, hold your breath and keep your fingers crossed!

1-Caring Too Much Too Early!

Getting too emotionally involved quickly will only make you suffer if things didn’t work out. Pull your horses and take it easy!


2-Being Paranoid

Being scared of ending up with a broken heart, or getting cold feet can be normal sometimes. However, if  you freak out every single time it’s just not right! Even if you’ve been hurt too many times, it’s still worth taking the risk!!

broken heart

3-Canceling Plans With Friends To Go Out With Him/Her

Going out with him/her is okay, it’s actually great to get to know each other rather than spend the whole time just texting. I’m talking about cancelling plans with your friends as soon as he/she gives you a last minute call. No, it is not acceptable! You’ll end up losing your friends and he/she’ll definitely take you for granted.


4-Excess To2l

Playing hard to get is a double-edged sword. Overdoing it might backfire and ruin everything you wished for !! “El To2l San3a”


5-Rushing Into Things

Leaping steps ahead in your mind makes you have expectations for the future instead of actually living the moment!! This is a memorable phase so try to enjoy it while it lasts instead of worrying about the future.

Rushing into things


Trying to label the relationship is not right at this point. Just enjoy the moment and let it be! Making a list of pros and cons about having a relationship with this person won’t help either.



Thinking you’re not good enough to be in this relationship is just absurd. The constant fear of being dumped is also silly because if they were not interested they wouldn’t have approached you in the first place so stop panicking.


8-Flirting Overdose

Compliments 3al fady wel malyan  is nice but can make them feel uneasy sometimes if overdone.

compliments 2

9-Not Being Yourself

Putting on an act is the worst of them; pretending to be someone  you’re not is a faux pas!! Remember “you can run, but you can’t hide”