pasta places

Pasta is good for your tummy. No, scratch that. Pasta is good for your soul. Because pasta can be there for you no matter how bad or good you feel. And once you put that very first piece of it in your mouth, all your worries are literally gone. If you never had a love story with your pasta plate, then definitely you never really ate good pasta. So here are 9 of the best casual pasta places that serve THE best pasta you’ll ever taste.

#1: Vapiano

At this place, you’ll be able to make your own personalized pasta, in addition to a list of great ones on the menu. Their freshly baked pasta is not just tasty, it is A M A Z I N G!

Location: Cairo Festival City Mall.

#2: Il Loft

Trying their Italian pasta is the best decision you’ll take in your current life. It is so tasty and delicious, that you think you are not on planet earth. If magic had a taste, it would probably taste like their pasta!

Location: Arkan and Waterway.

#3: Crave

I bet their ravioli plate is delivered directly from Rome because I’ve never even tasted a more Italian ravioli plate than this one! Did I mention the cheese? I think I need to visit them soon!

Location: Cairo Festival City Mall, Maadi and Tivoli. 

#4: Ted’s

They have this pasta with cheese, where you’ll feel like you have overdosed right after you’ve finished your plate. The serving itself makes the dish 100 times more exciting!

Location: City Stars and Zamalek.

#5: Tutti Matti

Don’t miss out on their combination of magic and pasta with the variety on their menus. Delicious pasta that will make you eat till you drop.

Location: Maadi, City Stars, and Galleria 40.

#6: Tuscany Pasta Grill

I think the name already clarifies how this place is for pasta lovers. We’ve all heard of pizzerias, and here is a pastaria my friend! Try any pasta of theirs and you’ll be stunned!

Location: Patio Food Hub New Cairo. 

#7: Sizzler Steak House

I know that it is a steakhouse, but it does serve one of the best and biggest plates of pasta you’ll ever see in town.

Location: Maadi

#8: TGI Fridays

I know what you are thinking, which is something along the lines of it being an American casual dinner. But their seafood pasta is a must try!

Location: Everywhere in Cairo.

#9: Eish & Mal7

This is a new place that serves Italian food, you really need to try their kale lasagna before the end of kale season.

Location: Downtown Cairo.

Any additions to this?