Whenever we’re watching Layali Eugenie, we get this overwhelming feeling of living in a fairytale. You delve into the episode, thinking of the ‘what if’s’. What if this is still Egypt, or what if we are part of these events. Yes, there might be some downsides to living in that era, but it’s definitely a dream for many and here is why.

#1: It’s Like Playing Dress Up All Day Every Day

Being chic, classy and good looking was the casual thing. Women had the luxury of wearing dresses all day long, and they also had the luxury of seeing men well-dressed. If people living in that era knew about sweatpants and Crocs, they’d probably lose it.

#2: Women Could Wear Dresses With No Harassment

This on its own is a huge thing for all the ladies out there. It is not just about looking glamorous and dressing up. It is about having the freedom of wearing what they wanted without fearing the consequences.

#3: Getting Your Morning Coffee from Le Jardin Is Definitely Not Like Getting It From Starbucks

The Layali Eugenie people had the luxury of having their morning breakfast along with coffee from Le Jardin, which is an amazing cozy Italian restaurant with a great ambiance. You can never compare this to Starbucks coffee or their amazing drive-thru.

#4: Helping Those in Need Was a Given

People help one another without even knowing anything about the person in need. It makes you think about the true definition of humanity in this series and in real life.

#5: People Are Decent in Every Way Possible

You wouldn’t hear foul language or any inappropriate terms. It is like all people are well mannered, except for Aziz’s mother of course!

#6: Walking By the Sea to Clear Your Mind Wasn’t Considered ‘Bee2a’

Despite what many people might think of beach/Nile walks nowadays, people back then used to do this all the time, even while wearing suits and dresses. Connecting to mother nature was in their dictionary.

#7: Being Part of a Community

This is something many of us lack. You can be living in the same building yet you don’t even know your neighbours’ names. But they knew every single person in town, which makes you have this great feeling of belonging and being a social butterfly.

#8: Small Differences in Social Class

There aren’t any huge social gaps, unlike how it actually is. People from all social backgrounds were decent looking, spoke more or less the same language and didn’t treat each other differently. Unless you are a snobbish spoiled little brat if you know what I mean.

#9: The Streets Were Unrealistically Clean

Lastly, the streets were so clean to an unbelievable and unrealistic extent. It’s like you can smell flowers blossoming from over here.

Yes, it might be a really fictional world that doesn’t and probably won’t exist in reality. However, we’d like to imagine a life like this. It will probably be a great peaceful one even though there might be some downsides to this world, or even maybe pitfalls, especially for women.