9 Rom-Com Couples Who Should Have Been Just Friends

We’re going to deliver a very harsh truth in a few seconds. Not every couple you see in Rom-Coms should be a couple. Yes, we know this is shocking, considering the movies spend approximately 2 hours trying to sell us on the couple.

But here’s the thing — sometimes, we’re not sold on the couple as a couple. No, we’ve just grown accepting them as friends because it makes sense. And, sadly, yes, some of the couples that should have been just friends are cultural favorites.

The truth has to come out, though, right? Here are the top 9 Rom-Com couples that honestly should have just stuck to being friends rather than anything else.

How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

We’re starting off strong with this one, we know, but we’re right. See, in this movie the ‘relationship’ between Ben and Andie begins with deception that is mistakenly labelled as ‘journalistic’ as they set to ruin each other’s lives because that’s…fun?

They only ever get to really know each other at Ben’s family home and even that is probably just them forgetting to wear the masks they’d been having on for too long. And yes, this ends with a long romantic car-chase scene and they’re back together. Blame the plot or blame the characters for being terrible people — it’s a coin-toss!

He’s Just Not That Into You

For the sake of argument, let’s say you’ve recently rewatched He’s Just Not That Into You and discovered, to your shock, that all of these couples are terrible. If you’ve done this, which couple stands out as the worst for you?

We’ll save you the trouble. It’s Gigi and Alex. After seeing Gigi woefully misinterpret signs, Alex agrees to be her dating coach and she kind of takes that as hints that he likes her so she makes a move.

He tells her that she’s learned nothing and is ignoring his advice…then, of course, he chases after her so, really, what was the point?

The Holiday

Throughout this whole movie, we see Iris as she recovers from a breakup and tries to go about her life on her impromptu vacation. One of the key points of her journey is making friends and she finds a good companion in Jack Black’s Miles.

But, oh wait, what’s that? The friendship has to turn into a relationship just because Miles is now single? Has no one taken the message of My Best Friend’s Wedding to heart?

How I Met Your Mother

Even though this is technically a sitcom, we’re counting it among the Rom-Coms because apparently that’s what Ted Mosby thinks his life is. Or else, he would have kindly let Robin go out of his mind.

For context, Ted and Robin get together at the end of the show after 9 seasons of showing us why they don’t work well together. This not only ruined everyone else’s character development; it also made the Mother a footnote in a story essentially about her.

13 Going On 30

Before you get riled up and tell us that this is actually the perfect love story, let’s just tell you we agree. Except that we’d only agree if Jenna didn’t have the mind of a 13 year-old and was kind of wrecking her best friend’s soon-to-be-married relationship.

27 Dresses

Yes, the leads look good together and it’s a touching story in the end and everyone has every motivation ever. But, here’s the thing — Kevin kind of exploits Jane for his own career gain? And it’s not even that big of a story, he honestly could have just told her.

In any case, we get that when all is said and done, Jane could have gotten around to forgiving Kevin. Marrying him, though, is another question. Don’t let the Benny and the Jets dance sequence get you, that’s not a relationship standard.

The Devil Wears Prada

Though technically not exactly a Rom-Com, the Devil Wears Prada has about one story-line that involves a relationship between Andie and Nate, who slowly proves that he has never really cared about Andie.

For good context, Nate joins their friends making fun of Andie because she’s growing too busy over work and that she’s adapting to fit a very competitive climate. By the end of their relationship, Nate even throws a tantrum because she missed his birthday because of surprise work errands.

Oh, and they kind of imply getting back together in the end even though we clearly see he’s learned nothing.

Never Been Kissed

This might sound a bit similar to 13 Going on 30 with one major difference. In 13 Going on 30, Matt doesn’t actually know or believe that his friend has the mind of a 13 year-old.

In this movie, however, Sam is kind of into Josie even when she tells him she’s 17 and a student in his class. He actually gets mad at her when she reveals her real age, which is closer to his. Seriously, how creepy is that?

Life As We Know It

Let’s put together some ground rules. Just because your two best friends died and left you a baby to raise with someone else doesn’t mean you automatically get married to that person, especially if they’re your opposite in every single way.

Sometimes, you can just co-parent. And maybe date the doctor from next door because that makes sense, character-wise.

“Just friends” can mean just friends without something more.