honeymoon period

They say that the honeymoon period is probably one of THE best phases of any relationship. And honestly, I couldn’t agree more. This phase is where you get to experience a fairytale with your significant other, with no drama and no problems whatsoever.

It is like you are part of a Cinderella story. But remember Cinderella too had to go back to reality at one point in time. And so will you.

These are 9 signs that are red lights to an ending honeymoon phase!

#1: You Stop Calling Each Other Every 5 Seconds

I am not really sure whether this is a bless or a curse, but it is surely one of the most obvious signs. At first, you both kept calling each other every 5 seconds of your day to either whisper ‘I love you’ or to check up on each other as if either of you would be missing in action or something.

But now, it’s probably once a day to just make sure that you are both still alive.

#2: You Get Bored Sometimes

I know that you are probably wondering whether you’ve lost your feelings towards your significant other, but believe me, you didn’t! It is just a normal phase because hey, you’ve been seeing each other for every second for the past couple of months.

#3:  No Makeup and Fabulous Sweats on

The phase where you both dress to impress is just over. You two are too comfortable in your own skin that you can go out with the same outfit almost every single day.

#4: Butterflies Are Only Because You’re Hungry

Butterflies are now extinct unless you are super hungry. Because you two are super used to each other, in all the good ways.

#5: You Fight More than Before

Probably you didn’t even encounter fights before in your honeymoon blessed phase. But that doesn’t mean that your relationship is going downhill. To the contrary, a healthy relationship is one where you can both argue and make up in a healthy way.

#6: You ‘Ugly Cry’ in Front of Them

A couple of months ago, if you cried, you would have cried in a cute super girly way, but now you unleash this crying monkey inside of you and you are not even ashamed of it.

#7: You Don’t Need to Spend All Your Free Time Together

Each one of you has his own free time now, and it is amazing. It feels like you both live balanced lives. Life has never been greater, you have the best of both worlds. You maintain a healthy lifestyle while having the love of your life around. Who even wants more than this?

#8: Holding Hands is Not a Must

It is not just about the holding hands, but the whole PDA is not as extreme as it used to be before. This means that when you both do a nice gesture, it is sincerely because you two feel it with all your hearts.

#9: Little Things Annoy You Sometimes

Now, you don’t see him/her as perfect anymore. You see all those tiny things that you ignored at first. How he acts when he is mad is not cute anymore and how she keeps on calling you every second is not as charming.

What I want to say here is that it is totally fine if your honeymoon is ending, because then you can be comfortable while enjoying both your lives in a healthy stable way.