We all know that most of the girls, if not all of them, have a serious passion for footwear but when it comes to heels there’s a different kind of love. If you value high heels and stilettos over food, then it’s time to find out if you are a high heel addict.

1-You believe that a pair of high heels can make it a better world for you.

giphy world gets better

2- It makes you look sexier, smarter and goes without saying you are a much better dancer with your heels on.

dancing with no heels on

3-You’re used to pain and numbness of wearing heels..that it feels weird when you’re wearing flats.


awkward4-when it comes to events you refuse to take them off (even when you feel like your legs are falling off of pain)

hurt 2

5-You prefer swallowing pain killers before and during events to stand the pain … but take it off?? NO !!!


6-Shoes have a budget of its own.


shoes budget kim kardashian

7-You feel agonized when you have to exercise because you have to wear a flat sneaker shoe.


8-Your wedge sneaker is a miracle .. a dream came true.. because you can finally feel casual wearing heels.

thanks god

9-And naturally, you can’t befriend someone thinking like this

not your friend