Every day, we all face ridiculous questions that absolutely don’t make any sense. I bet Egyptians are the only people who get to ask such brilliant questions. Here are some of them:

1- Enta geit?

You would be lying if you said you don’t get asked this question on a daily basis! When someone asks you that, just go with the normal answer “la2 ana lsa gai fe el taree2, showaya kda w htla2eeni da5el! And slap them on the face!


2- Enta nazel?

You get dressed and get ready to go out when suddenly your sibling goes like “Enta nazel?” It’s either you ignore them OR tell them “No, I dressed up just to sit with your brilliant IQ.”


3- Enta nazel? Part 2

If you’re on the subway train and you’re standing right in front of the door, someone goes like “Nazel el m7ata el gaya?” “Omal ana wa2ef odam el bab leh? L2 l2 bgd! Ana wa2ef odam el bab leh?” I’m aware that there are some people who just stand there even if they won’t get off but it’s still a dumb question! Another one if you’re ready to get off the bus and you want to pass and someone goes like “Nazel?” “Omal regli waga3etni mn el 2a3da!”


4- Bte3ml eh gowa?

That question is always asked when you’re using the freaking bathroom! Like, what do you possibly think I’d be doing? “Oh, nothing, thought of taking some time out to read!”


5- The repeated question

“Ezayk?” “elhamdulellah!”
“eh el akhbar?” “Elhamdulellah!”
“Kollo tamam?” “Oqsem bellah elhamdulellah!”


6- Enta s7eet?

You just got out of bed, LITERALLY just now, and they still ask you “Eh da? Enta s7eet?” Don’t answer and pretend you’re still asleep!


7- Howa 2allak fein!

When you ask for directions and they go like “Howa 2allak fein?” You do realize that if I knew “Fein” makontsh 7awagt nafsi le sha5s zayak! You can answer with: “You really want me to tell you fein?”


8- Eh da? Enta gebto?

When you buy something you’ve been wanting and they ask you that stupid question.. Just say “la2″


9- Mesh hanefra7 beek/beeki b2a?

No need to comment.