Back in the day, when our only source of entertainment was each other, there were so many silly jingles that we sang to entertain ourselves as well as our friends.

Ya Osayar Ya Eed El Hon

Why can’t the osayar talk on the phone?

Kilo Bamya

What does Askar have to do with the blind cat? Who stole his English shirt? We’re confused.

Aly 3eleiwa

I bet the zomeira was really annoying!

Black Shoes


Tamaseel Eskenderia

Who is Sousou? Is she too young to be playing with scissors?

El Ta3lab Fat

Fat Fat Fat w Laf 7 Lafat and now we’re dizzy…

El Ota El Meshmesheya

Sousou’s back. But this time she’s upset about leaving the “namleya” open while el Ota el Meshmesheya steals the duck’s thigh.

Fatahi ya Warda

How did we not bang our heads together?

Malik ya Sawsan

Why does she have a 1000 EGP doll? What a spoilt brat!

Brilla Billa

We don’t think anyone really cared to break the other’s glass.

Ya Sohaby w Sahbaty

We don’t remember exactly what the hagat where, but we have a feeling that we shouldn’t!

We hope we get the chance to rot our children’s brains with the same little things that we thought rotted ours!