students in exams

You know those moments during an exam when you get distracted by your own surroundings and start observing your fellow students?

Let’s play this interesting game and attempt to categorize the 9 types of students you may meet during an exam:


#1 La Vie En Rose


Fifth week, mid terms or even finals, this type simply won’t care and will never worry or be troubled by exams. For them, it’s no big deal. They will probably even come to the exam without a pen and won’t know the name of the course.

“Wait, wait. It starts with an S? Er…sociology?”

“No, it’s psychology.” Answered type number 2.


#2 La Vie Sauvage


For them, exams are a living hell. They’ll be sweating all over the exam paper even though they had revised the material a gazillion times; their eyes would be fixated on the clock while their hands are sprinting on the paper. They always try to ask the invigilator questions; you would think they would’ve learned by now that the only thing they will get is a stare. As if this will stop them.


#3 3in El 7asoud


Out of fear that their colleagues might give them the evil eye, this type claims to have done no revision and will absolutely fail the exam. As soon the clock starts ticking, you will hear their pens attacking the exam sheet and the next thing you know is them acing the exam.


#4 The Zombie


Usually, they’re procrastinators, and caffeine addicts. They stay up late and sometimes don’t get a chance to sleep at all, therefore, may trail into the exam hall looking like the walking dead. They end up crashing in sleep on the exam paper.


#5 The All-Set & Well Equipped

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 1.56.49 AM

This type arrives on the exam day armed with a dozen pens, 2 tippex and extra rulers. At least if you run out of pens, they will be your supplier.


#6 The Collector 


They master all the cheating tactics and will somehow manage to get answers from all the way across the hall. The fun part is them getting higher grades than the students they got the answers from.


#7 The Phantom

They’re like specters; they never attend lectures, tutorials or even college events. You only see them during exams and even on that occasion they will leave an hour early yet probably still do better than everyone. It’s one of the mysteries the world still can’t solve.


#8 Hermione Granger


 That’s the type we all wish to be. They’re popular and fun, but at the same time they also manage to be A students During the exam, they remain calm, cool and collected. If only we had a magical wand.


#9 The Partner In Crime


No one can decode the way the members of this type can communicate with each other. Even though they might be scattered around the exam hall, distance won’t stop them from exchanging answers. They master all the tricks of the trade and never get caught.