June 21st marks the start of Cancer’s zodiac takeover. Let’s discuss a few things only a cancer born will understand:

 1. Sensitive But Prideful


You hate emotional people. The bad new is … you are an emotional person! But your ego just won’t let you expose those feelings so you usually just bottle it up!

2. You’re Not A Passing By Person 

You’re not a passing by person in anyone’s life. You somehow manage to grab everyone’s attention even when you remain silent.

3. You Always Catch Eyes 


Cancer born are so into fashion; they don’t take a step outside their room without looking perfect.

4. You’re Always On The Move


You’re a social animal; you can’t stay put in one place for too long. you get bored and want to hop from that party to that concert! You hate missing out on any of the fun.

5. Collecting Souvenirs

Every card, every flight ticket, every post card you received all reside in a big old box under your bed which you admire adoringly every now and then.

6. Know It All


Maybe some people hate this about you because you always act like you know it all, but you do know it all.

7. Indecisive & Hesitant


You always get advice from you Capricorn born friends because they’re all the complete opposite of you when it comes to decisions.

8. Frank But Polite


You don’t like to be mean to people but your honesty sometimes takes the better out of you. Luckily, being polite makes your words come out nice but frank enough! One of your many talents!

9. Where Your Heart Goes You Go


Come hell or high water, you will always follow your heart. You can’t do something you don’t love; you simply won’t find the energy to do it. Even if it’s reckless, your passion is the only thing leading you.