By: Fatma Ahmed

As we are in Egypt, finding a job while you are a teenager is almost impossible. So, it goes without saying that if you are planning to be independent soon, you have to accept any job opportunities that come your way, without even thinking about the pros and cons of the position you are taking. Many girls end up being a nursery teacher because they think it will be all fun and games, how hard can it be to work with babies? What they end up doing though is a mix of pulling their hair out in frustration while at the exact same time falling in love over and over with their little angels. Here are a few things every Egyptian Nursery Teacher knows to be true.

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1. You will never leave the nursery as the fashionista who entered.

From food stains  caused by the “akleny” situation to splashed colors from the art class fail, leaving the nursery with fully clean clothes is a dream that will never, ever come true.


2. You know way too much.

You are expected to listen to the whole history of the family every single day without ever getting sick of it. If you are lucky enough and the kid already doesn’t say much, you will be surprised to meet the whole family telling bits and pieces of their daily routine!

Not to mention “Hamada magash l talat 3shan kona 3nd ebn khalna f aswan bnakol renga.”


3. You have to choose every action wisely.

Dealing with kids, you are their ultimate role model. Expect to be asked why you changed your hairstyle, why did you apply way too much perfume, and where did you get that pink shirt from. You should be prepared to be accidentally called mama from time to time as well.

4. You can never take yourself seriously.

Half of the time you plan to get angry over some rowdy behavior, but then someone will make a silly move that will make you burst out laughing, so you will have to take it easy.


5. Forget the gym.

After you work for eight hours straight in a noisy classroom, you can barely get yourself home, so no need to mention that you have zero energy for going to the gym. Playing with them at recess counts, right?

6. You have to be prepared.

From the sudden fights to the endless ‘’et2khrty leh?” Your answers should always be ready not only for your boss but also for those tiny creatures.


7. Multitasking is a must.

If you are expecting to work as a teacher only, then you are not prepared enough for this. Working as a babysitter is automatically included. Sometimes, you have to feed one of them, read a story and keep an eye on the fight over there ALL at once.


8. Kids aren’t cute all the time.

Unexpected answers will soon be a part of your daily routine. Be prepared for “ezayak?, LAAA” kind of situation.

Expect “eh l reha l wehsha d?” comment on your favourite perfume to “mal sha3rek” when you are having a good hair day!

9. Letting go is the hardest part.

After spending more time in the nursery than your home, letting go of them will be hard. As much as you hate getting up early and running around after them all day long, having those morning hugs and those 8 hours a day without fake compliments will always be a nice gateway.


Maybe working in a nursery won’t be the experience that gets you your dream job, but the unforgettable memories you make are worth it!