Breakups are tough as they are. Have you not seen all the movies showing two girls sitting on a couch and stuffing their faces with ice cream? Well, girls don’t really do that. I mean the ugly crying happens at some point, but the heart to heart conversations are usually what it takes to make or break the whole situation. Did we get your attention yet? Well, if we did, check out the 9 things you should never say to your friend after she just got dumped.

1. It’s his loss

Screw you! I just got dumped, I don’t have a low IQ. How can it be his loss when he’s the one who broke up with me? If you don’t have anything realistic to say, then just don’t say anything at all.

2. Ma3lesh

Oh, the world has just brightened all of a sudden after I’ve been “Ma3lesh-ed”. Look at all the rainbows and butterflies. Thanks for your THOUGTHFUL words. It really took a 7 letter word to make me feel so much better about myself.

3. He never loved you, now at least you know that

It makes me feel way better to know that the past 2 years I invested in a guy meant nothing at all, and thanks for the heads up by the way.

4. You should get back on the horse

How is jumping out of an emotionally draining relationship to another one the solution?

5. I saw him with another girl yesterday

Friends are supposed to be honest and most girls would tell you that they are glad you told them, but the truth is some things are just better left unsaid. At least until an adequate amount of time has passed.

6. The famous “Sa2lny 3aleki” when he didn’t

Why some girls say that is just beyond me, and trust me some do. They probably do it to make girls feel better, but what they don’t realize is that it’s hurting them on the long run. Giving your girl friend false hope is not the answer.

7. I told you it wasn’t going to work out

Ok bit*h, now is not the best time to gloat. Your ‘I told you so’s’ are not going to fix anything. You weren’t the most supportive friend when we were in a relationship. Maybe it’s time you finally get on board!

8. El Regala kteer

Don’t you think I know that? Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Yes, I might meet someone in the future, but I want this one. I CHOSE this one!

9. I’m telling you there is nothing better than being single

Let’s get one thing straight. Being single might work for you, but it doesn’t work for me. If I wanted to be single, I wouldn’t have chosen to be in a relationship and I sure as hell wouldn’t be crying right now for the lack there of.

Finally, as painful as getting dumped is, it’s important to remember that with our friends’ love and support, we eventually feel better 🙂