It’s difficult to dictate your own sleep schedule with life’s demands constantly knocking on your door. Give night owls the chance and they’ll sleep all through the day! For them, night time is for functioning! 

1- Not a morning person


We will never understand how people can get out of bed in a good mood! It’s always torture! ALWAYS!

2- Function best when the sun is down


We have to wait till night time to be able to work which can be annoying since the entire world works on an opposite schedule!

4- Midnight Snacking


Only a natural consequence to being up all night. Boosting productivity means having unhealthy delicious midnight snacks.

5- Sleep Schedule


We tend to practice our night owl habits on weekends so we don’t need to wake up early. This obviously screws up the entire week’s sleep schedule; have fun fixing that!

6- You’d rather nap in the day time than sleep at night


Naps are BAE! We prefer being awake at night, so any chance we get to have a morning snooze is always welcome. It helps charge us up for the long night we’re looking forward to.

7- You haven’t slept yet, while your early bird friends are already waking up


It’s 5 am and you’re just about to wind down your night and consider sleeping when you get a message from your early bird friend who just woke up! At least you get to share a little time!

8- Night owls have been known to be more creative


I don’t know if it’s the stars or the solemn silence of the night, but it tends to fill us with creativity and ideas!

9- You usually skip breakfast because you want to sleep as much as possible


I mean, we already had our midnight snack; we’re not that worried about food in the dreaded morning!

It’s always going to be a struggle to make our lifestyle work with normal schedules, but trust us, we’ll never stop trying. “What hath night to do with sleep?” ― John Milton, Paradise Lost.

  • Youmna A. Hazzaa

    I relate to this so much. I WISH I could function during daytime but I can’t!

    WHO was the “smart” person who decides most human activities such as school and work, should happen during daytime?