Written by Mariam Nour

Crush: A brief but intense obsession about someone, particularly if they’re unattainable. We’ve all been there at least once in our lives, and they never seem to like us back! Is it because we lack the confidence to move forward or because of one of the following reasons?

1- They’re so hot!

Not just them, but everyone else around them. However, you don’t have to worry about competition; you’re not even IN the game.




















2- You freeze whenever you get the chance to talk to them.

“Wait, I swear I’m fun and intelligent!” Too bad you never get to show them how amazing (and normal) you are.


3- They always have unresolved feelings for someone.

Whether they recently stepped out of a relationship or just have unresolved feelings for an ex-lover/ex-crush, they never happen to be “single and ready to mingle.”



We’ve all been there! What’s worse that not being able to get to know them, is knowing them too much. How can I make them consider me in a different way?


5- You’re not their type.

He wants a Scarlett Johansson, and she wants a Superman. Blame movies for high expectations.

6- They only talk about themselves.

They’re not the least bit interested in listening to stories about you, or getting to know you better. You would love a chance to show them how interesting you are.


7- They want someone like you..Just not YOU.

“I want to be with someone like you.” Tab ana aho 7elwa wallahy w ba7ebak 🙁

انا ممكن اتباس عادي

8- There’s a friend in the way

Whether your friend also likes them or they like your friend, you have to shut up and keep your feelings to yourself.


9- Their ex is your friend.

The worst of them all. You can’t break the girls/guys code; especially if they were together for years. Do I stay a good friend, or seize the opportunity to be with a significant other?



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