Love is the weirdest thing on planet earth. It comes when you least expect it, and even if you want to feel it, you can’t just force it. Unfortunately, sometimes we want to like this person who loves us and adores us, but it seems like your heart is not responding to your requests and you just don’t like him back.

What we need to do at this point is to deliver this message to him subtly, without actually hurting his feelings and here is how:

#1: Don’t Go Out With Him Alone

Even if you guys used to go out alone, now is the time to stop. The more you go out alone, the more he’ll be interested and might even mistake this for a sign that you like him back. How about you just subtly include your friends in such outings so that it wouldn’t end up being a date.

#2: Try to Friendzone Him The Smart Way

When I say ‘the smart way’ I definitely don’t mean ‘Eh ya BRO’, ‘I missed the best BROTHER in the whole world’ and these kinds of things. Because if you haven’t noticed, these aren’t subtle in any way!

Try doing it subtly without having to revolve the conversation around the fact that he is just your brother.

#3: ‘Msh Hanefrah Beek Wala Eh’ Kind of Comments

It shows that you are definitely not interested at all when you ask them about when they’ll be in a relationship. Do it in a way where you seem like you can’t wait till he gets in a relationship because his new GF will be your new best friend.

#4: Talk About Other Guys

Don’t overdo it, otherwise, he’ll think that you are trying to make him feel jealous. Just slide names of other guys that you find attractive or talk about that guy who likes you at work. This way he’ll understand that he is out of the picture!

#5: Don’t Flirt Back

If he is smart, then it goes without saying that he’ll be flirting day and night with you. and It also goes without saying that you should NEVER flirt back. Even if you are always a nice person who is super cute, now is the time to learn to be normal, instead of cute!

#6: Stop Being Passive and Do Something About It

Don’t just act as if nothing is in your hands because there are lots of things that you can do about it. If you’re passive, then this means that you are accepting all his gestures. Hence, you are into him too. Reality check *ding ding ding* You don’t like him, so do something about it!

#7: Tell Your Friends To Cover for You

Tell your friends about your whole situation and ask them to cover for you. So if you two are left alone at an outing, they’ll know how to handle it. They’ll probably want you to go to the ladies room with them or even need you in a level 10 emergency!

#8: Act As if Love is not your Thing

When you start underestimating the power of love, then he’d be stupid if he doesn’t get the hint. Talk about how uninterested you are when it comes to relationships or something along the lines of you not wanting to settle any time soon.

#9: Avoid Love Related Conversations

This is the upgrade of #8. Just avoid any conversation that has to do with love. If you go to this area, you’ll never be able to go back.

May this awkward situation end in your favor!