This is probably a surprise for many of you, but Ramadan is in less than a week. This happens every single year, where we think that Ramadan is still far away, but in reality, it isn’t. That is why we decided to help you get ready for this year’s Ramadan without feeling lost.

Follow these simple 6 steps and you’ll be all ready.

#1: Buy a Ramadan Themed Mofakera

Not only will this baby help you do your prayers on time and participate in blissful acts, but it will help you arrange your whole day in terms of gatherings, outings or even sports. All you need to do is just commit to one month.

#2: Re-decorate the House

This one gives a true meaning to Ramadan. It makes you feel like you are actually celebrating the month rather than feeling bad about fasting. Get this human-sized lantern, all those Ramadanian decorations and spread them across the house. It will truly make you feel happy.

#3: Control Your Coffee/Smoking Addiction

This one is the hardest because it doesn’t really happen overnight. But gladly we got your back on this and wrote you a whole article about controlling coffee addiction.

#4: Be Ready Emotionally for All The Social Interactions During 3ozomat

3ozomat are both a blessing and a curse, because you get to see people that you haven’t seen in ages and you also get to see the people that you don’t want to see and haven’t seen in ages. It is a bit tricky. But get ready to boost your social skills because you will really need them to survive the holy month.

#5: Be Ready for All The Silly Jokes and Memes

Sayem wala zay kol sana?’ and the memes reminding people of what water looks like… Please just stop, we are in the 21st century and these jokes are still not funny. Thank you. Bye.

#6: Try to Eat All Your Favorite Food Now as It Will Probably Make You Feel Thirsty During the Day

This is a must to be able to survive this month! Eat all those salty foods that you love eating but wouldn’t dare eat during Ramadan. Go for the last sushi outing or eat a double cheeseburger with hot salsa sauce and jalapenos, or maybe the spiciest pizza in town. Because you won’t be able to enjoy any of these during Ramadan.

#7: Enjoy Your Favorite Restaurant Before it Turns into the Ramadan Menu

Suddenly all restaurants offer a totally different menu that is quite boring just because it is Ramadan. What you gotta do is that you need to enjoy one last meal from these restaurants because you won’t be able to do so for one whole month. Enjoy it, take pictures of it and eat it as slowly as you can. You’ll feel nostalgic afterward!

#8: Make Peace with Gaining Weight During the Month

Yes, we do get to eat about 2 meals during the whole day. But those 2 meals are enough to make us the heaviest people on planet earth. All the konafa, basbousa, balah el sham, ice cream and all the other fatty food is what we eat every single day. So embrace the extra pounds my friends!

#9: Make a Schedule for Your Favorite Series

If you don’t do that, it will get messy and you’ll end up not committing to one series just like every other year.

May this be a happy month, full of amazing moments.