bel hagm el 3a2eli

Bel Hagm El 3a2eli is one of the good series this Ramadan. It is full of laughter, drama and learnt lessons too. We can’t deny that what happened and is still happening in the series exists in reality, because unfortunately, this is the ugly truth. But what we can say is that there are a few takeaways from this show!

#1: Lying Only Makes the Problem Bigger

All they keep on doing, especially Thoraya, is lie to their dad, each other and even themselves sometimes. They eventually end up screwing up even more, because a small lie will grow one day without you even noticing.

#2: Avoiding the Problem Won’t Solve It

It doesn’t take a smart person to know this, but here we go. Avoiding the problem won’t solve it at all. All that Thoraya and her kids have been doing all series long is just avoiding their problem instead of dealing with it. If they’ve faced their problems, they would have been living better lives (most probably).

#3: Choosing the Right Person is the Key to a Happy Relationship

Relationships are not just about love, they are about so much more than just that. You’d see that Ehab is not happy because he chose the wrong person for him. Same goes for Hoda and Rasha. We should invest more time in choosing our significant others wisely because we wouldn’t want to end up like them.

#4: Family Members Should Be There For Each Other

Family members should support one another and have each other’s back rather than avoid each other. If you don’t have your family’s back, then are you even family? If they all had each other’s back, they wouldn’t have been in such a mess.

#5: Honesty is the Most Important Factor to Make a Relationship Work

Without honesty, there is no relationship at all. So if you’ve been spending your whole life lying to your significant other, then you need to revisit the meaning of a true relationship.

#6: Choose Your Friends Wisely, Because Sometimes Friends Are Better Than Family

We see that people can act as if they are truly your friends, but eventually wind up stabbing you in the back. If you are wise enough, you’d know who your fake friends are and who are even better than family at times.

#7: Your Moral Compass Shouldn’t Stray From Its True North

No matter what your goals are or what you want to achieve in life, never let go of your moral code. Being an ethical person is part of your identity, and if you ever think of giving it up just like Rania’s fiance, then you’ll be screwed for life.

#8: Never Judge a book By Its Cover

You can be famous, filthy rich and good-looking, yet you are still not good enough. Sometimes people try to hide their issues, problems or even disasters by maintaining this fake reputation. Dig deeper and never judge a book by its cover.

#9: Money Doesn’t Buy Anyone Happiness

If money can buy people happiness, then it is a given that this whole family should be happy and bright. But this is not the case at all. They are rich to the extent that Nader paid his daughter’s ex husband 10 million pounds just to keep him away, yet they are all miserable in every way possible.

This series showed us how important love is, especially for family. Caring for your family and being true to yourself is what matters the most. All other materialistic superficial stuff always come next! May we live happier lives filled with love, care and affection.