“I’ve never been in a relationship before”, a true but fun statement for some people which can always get different kinds of reactions from different people. Every once in a while, you meet a person who’s never been in a relationship. Whether it’s for personal or general reasons, it will almost always come as a surprise. Here are some of the most common reactions towards this unusual phenomenon:


Well, I really don’t want to joke about my love life.

“5adna eah mn el regala?”

Well, I will start figuring it out and help you I promise.

“So you’re still a virgin”

I can be in a relationship and still be a virgin; I don’t see how this is related but okay.

“Why what’s wrong with you?”

You will definitely get this if you’re a guy, and nothing is wrong with me thank you very much for pointing this out.

“Good, keep it this way”

Why? Seriously? Just because you’re unhappy with your love life doesn’t mean I will be as well.

“Why don’t you date then? Or are you too religious?”

I can date fine; it doesn’t work out that’s all.

“OMG! Why are you so picky?”

Being picky is not a problem, on the contrary, it only means I’m more stable and mature.

“Enty strong independent woman w keda?”

This is him/her asking basically asking if you are “m32da” in a polite way.

“But you’re pretty” 

Ummmmm, okay thank you.

Even if you have never been in a relationship, this shouldn’t stop you at all from living your life to the fullest. Yes it can get lonely sometimes, but again you never want to rush things. You are probably one of the best people to give relationship advice, which is great because you gain valuable experience along the way. So not matter what the reactions are, just take your time and choose wisely.