Love. That four letter word that is desired by almost everyone on this galaxy. Becoming a part of that fairytale that brings extreme happiness and magic to our lives regardless of our age, is deep down something each one of us hankers after.

We want to find our soulmate and live a long happy life. But this decision is never too easy, especially for people in their 20s.

Following are some of the most confusing thoughts that no one got a cure for up till now!

#1: You’re too old for casual dating but too young for marriage

At this point in time, you are just too confused about everything. You think you’re too young to be having a boyfriend/girlfriend, yet you are too old to get married because who can handle such responsibility now! It’s like the spectrum is pointing either north or south and you’re just standing with a broken compass wanting love and a committed relationship (but not too committed).

#2: You’re torn between following your heart and being realistic

You love this dude/gal that you are conscious are no good for you. It is like you still have this fire of a teen yet you are wise enough like a 30-year-old to understand that it can’t work out. And this my friend is definitely one of the most heartbreaking moments because no one is breaking your own heart but your conscious smart self. Stay strong!

#3: It feels like if you’re to follow your dreams, then love will be out of the picture for a while

You’re after these big things in life, you want to build a career that is as strong as titanium, finally launch that startup that you’ve been telling everyone about or even want to spend some time traveling the world.

Yes, it would be lovely to have that supporting partner, but you know that a partner deserves a stable life which you can’t offer right now. So you just exclude love from the picture for the time being.

#4: You want your freedom, but you still need love

Your 20s are like a farewell party for your freedom, because once you tie that knot, in whichever form, you lose a big part of it. You don’t want to lose it, because let’s be realistic, you know that once you do, it’s never going back. Yet you need that partner who would love you, care for you and bedazzles you constantly (or at least tries to)

You know that you can’t be half in and half out, so you gotta make a choice.

#5: Most of the people you know are just pressuring you to get into a relationship

All the people around you are making a big deal out of you being single. And it certainly gets to you at times.

Sometimes this pushes you to make the worst decisions of your life, but never let this constant pushing lead you somewhere you don’t like. In other words, don’t settle to make them happy, because you’ll be the one who is miserable eventually.

#6: What is more pressuring is that you still don’t know what you want in life

You, the person who knows himself best, don’t know what you want in life or in a person. You change your mind 5 times a minute, so how can you choose the right person for you?

Constant growth is, hence, this rollercoaster of views/emotions. So how can we actually choose a person to love and care for forever, when we’re not the same people as the ones we were yesterday?

#7: You’re afraid of making the wrong choice

You’ve seen your parents, relatives or even friends living miserable lives because of one wrong choice they made. Choosing a person to live with for the rest of your life is a really huge decision to make. So the idea of ‘failure’ keeps haunting you forever.

So you’d rather be alone then end up with a psychopath.

#8: This question: ‘What if I never meet the right person or find the one?’

This question is your worst nightmare if you’re still single or not hooked up emotionally. It’s always at the back of your head even when you’re not thinking of it, it just suddenly pops. You’re scared of not meeting them. Yes, you know that it only takes one right person out of hundreds and thousands. But this ‘unknown’ is just killing you.

#9: All of your friends are at different stages of their lives that it’s confusing

Some are already married with kids. Others are partying all day. And others are focusing on their careers. The list can go on and on, and you’re just standing in the middle confused about this whole life of yours.

It’s quite a weird moment because while a bunch are just too accomplished in this department, others are too far away and you’re just standing there, confused.

May it all fall into place smoothly and effortlessly.