Parking spots

Every day you wake up with this positive attitude thinking that this day is going to be a happy one, up until you reach work and start searching for a parking spot. How fast you find a parking spot will not just affect your whole mood for the day, but it will affect your ability to survive the day as well.

The struggle of finding a parking spot is real and one can’t deny that the following thoughts do come to our minds daily!

#1: When You Think You Found a Spot But It is a ‘127’ Parking

You finally start thinking that life is treating you well, but then boooom. You find this red 127 car parking, but it’s too small to be visible from afar. So after this level of excitement, you just feel like life is making fun of you and enjoying it A LOT.

#2: ‘Where Are You My Best Friend?’, Referring to the ‘Sayes’?

Even though you hate the guy and you wish that such ‘alleged’ jobs didn’t exist, but now it’s like you are calling out for your best friend. Because only he will be able to help you get out of your misery and provide you with a parking spot with a view!

#3: You Decide That You’ll Wake Up Earlier Tomorrow to Find a Better Spot

This is just like I’ll start dieting tomorrow. They both never happen. You just lie to yourself to make it through the day, but tomorrow comes and you are even later than you were yesterday!

#4: Can’t I Just Fold My Car and Take it Upstairs

You start thinking creatively believing that you are funny. Thoughts, like folding your car and putting it in your wallet, do come across your mind.

#5: How About Going Back Home?

When you’ve been looking for a parking spot for over 20 minutes, you start wondering whether they’ll fire you just because you decided to go back home with the excuse of not being able to find a parking spot.

#6: Will This Spot Fit?

Probably you have been circling around the parking space for a couple of minutes now and you found this small space that can fit a one-seat mini car, yet you waste more time wondering whether it will fit. It is not just about wondering because you unconsciously start trying to park to see whether it fits or not.

#7: When You Start Cursing Because A Jeep Just took 2 parking spots

Then you find this amazing Jeep taking two spots, all the curse words come to your mind because this could have been your parking spot. Said by 100 people before you though, so if you think logically, this spot would have been already filled just like all the others.

#8: Then You Find Your Boss Easily Finding a Spot in The VIP Parking, so You Have to Fake That Smile

In this case, you just need to wave and smile. Maybe that is an incentive for you to work harder and save yourself the daily 20 minutes of parking.

#9: Then You Find a Spot, But You Have to Parallel Park

Parallel parking is like a nightmare, so finding a spot where you need to parallel park is as miserable as not finding a spot at all. Whoever can parallel park is considered a superhero these days.

May we all find parking spots in less than 10 minutes because no one deserves to face such misery!