Lucky for us, frenemies exist in abundance in our Egyptian society. If you don’t have one, you’re definitely missing out. A frenemy is someone who you’d call your friend but who also happens to have a particular trait that you just can’t stand. Here are a few frenemies we all love to hate:

1-The Back-Handed Complimenter

tumblr_nscffwaJGT1tq4of6o1_500You’re not really sure if she was complimenting you or insulting you. Every time she says something to you, you get pretty confused. If you listen to it one way, it sounds like she’s saying something nice, but if you listen to it another way, it sounds like the complete opposite.  If you’re not sure, just play it safe and say thank you!

2-El 7eshareya


They seem to always have a lot of questions. They want to know every detail about your life, and they’re ready to hear it. They’re really good listeners and have excellent eavesdropping skills. They’ll follow you around with all their questions; they’re basically like the investigative journalists of friendship.

3- El Man7oos

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.03.58 AMThere’s always something wrong with this one; they’re never happy with anything. You tend to avoid this person in the morning or they’ll ruin your day. You’re not sure what brought on all this negative energy, and you’re in no hurry to find out either.

4-The Mooch

JoeyThey show up to your house, raid your kitchen, eat all your food, sleep in your bed and make themselves at home in your home! They’re not afraid to show up unannounced and you always have to restock the fridge when they’re gone.

5-El 3eynha Tefla2 el 7agar

IMG_4400You never used to believe in el 7asad before this friend came along. Now, you carry around an evil eye necklace and incense to ward off whatever evil spirits this friend is summoning to do their bidding.

6-The one who doesn’t really care

IMG_4401This one only really asked you how you are as a common courtesy but they really have no interest in how you are. They pay no attention whatsoever in what you have to say and have a variety of one word responses to everything you tell them even if you’re pouring your heart out.

7- The Party PersonParty

They’re hip, they’re cool and they’re always at the next party or social event. They always seem to have it shared on their social media accounts to constantly remind you that you’re not there and that they’re having a lot more fun than you ever will.

8-The Gossipere7c2ba878523812cc327a7d2504b9d9a

You go to this person because they’ve got the scoop; they’re better than Twitter. They know everything about everyone and may very well be a hybrid breed between the gossiper and the 7eshareya. You should do your best to avoid them because they might actually be gossiping about you.

9-The one with love-sickness


This one stops being your friend as soon as they start dating someone, and when they eventually do hang out with you, they only talk about their boyfriend/girlfriend. The good thing is you don’t see them as often…until they get dumped.

Whether you’re friends with one or all of them, frenemies make life a little more interesting and without them we wouldn’t have someone to hate on! As much as we can’t stand these people, life without them would be pretty dull.