Egyptian weddings would never be the same without the infamous endless guest list. Let’s take a moment to make an account of all the unique types of guests we come across during an Egyptian wedding!

1- El mofatesh krombo

This is the reporter whose mission is to learn every single detail about the wedding to report it back to their moms, best-friends or whoever is interested. They work min ta7t l ta7t and keep on digging and asking questions about everything to secure the needed information. “Oltili b2a babaha makansh mwafe2 huh! Te3rafy lih?”

2- The white dress thief

white dress thief
Occasionally, the big fedee7a happens and a girl (other than the bride) wears a white dress in a wedding. Ouch! You’re officially the most hated girl right now! She usually defends herself saying that: “it’s off white 3ala fekra, akid msh labsa abyad!“. Nice save, but they will never forgive you!

3- The belly dancer

belly dancing
Didn’t have the chance to hire a professional belly-dancer for your wedding? No problem at all. Just make sure that your good dancer friend is energized to take over the belly dancer’s role.  Generally, she’s the one who “matetwassash” when it comes to shar2i. So, just turn on the music and let her be!

4- El ma2zoona

Shoft Salma bent tante Soaad ba2et amar ezay? Ana hakalm mametha, w rabna ye3ml el feeh el kher”. No ya tante Fatakat! You got a wrong idea of what a wedding is all about. Just enjoy the music and be happy for the newly married couple, please, w seebi banat el nas fi 7alha.

5- El Modelzzz

There’s that one group of girls who come to weddings simply 3shan tetla3 b 3arees. She usually sticks to her mom’s advice and gives her number to at least 10 guys! la7san el bent t3anes b3d el shar! This group of girls usually befriends tante Fatakat mentioned above in a blink of an eye.

6- El Mozza

beauty queen
This is the most beautiful and most elegant girl out there. Although she’s not trying to grab attention, she never fails to catch everyone’s eyes. It takes a couple of minutes for this girl to quickly become the most wanted by all the guys and the most hated among all the other girls, especially, among the “Modelzzz” group!

7- El Gamed

ladie's man
It’s the male version of  “el mozza”. He’s that one hot guy who makes every girl want to die for him. He is usually the groom’s best man, best friend or brother. Hey guys! You can easily guess that you were crowned “man of the wedding”, when every 5 seconds, a girl bumps into your shoulder saying “excusez-moi, I didn’t see you”.

8- The selfie addict

selfie addict
There is always that one girl (or maybe more) who only comes to weddings to take selfies. It all starts with the “pre-wedding selfie” until the “finally home, exhausted” kind of selfie. And in between, you can find “selfie with the buffet, selfie in the bathroom,.. Etc”. ER7AMOUNA!

9- el tefl el rekhem

It’s that one kid who either cries all wedding long, or keeps on singing in the microphone. He doesn’t allow the couple to dance on their own; he has to get in the middle. He also finds pleasure in stepping on the bride’s dress. Be careful kid, mamet el 3arousa is going to kill you pretty soon!


And the list continues..