We all know that oil and water don’t mix, well some guys don’t mix with marriage too! You’d see lots and lots of guys in love with their girlfriends, but they are not willing to take any step forward. It is as if ‘forever’ is too scary for them.

Guys got really creative when it comes to giving excuses to run away from marriage; they truly falsify the stereotype of girls being more creative!

PS: This is a sarcastic article, however, some people do have valid reasons why they can’t get married, not even in the name of love. 

#1: ‘Terdi Baba Yesref 3alena?’

No mardash, but how is this even an excuse? Why don’t you man up a little bit and work a bit harder, instead of just wasting your time binge eating and watching series? Of course, it might be a valid reason to some, but people tend to abuse this one!

#2: I am Not Financially Stable

Well, how can you be stable when the economy itself is not stable? If he is waiting for financial stability, then I think he’ll be one of those people who’ll get engaged by the age of 60 and married by the age of 90.

#3: I Want to Build a Career

We all want to build a career, but what does this have to do with anything? It is like a person wanting to succeed at school, so they decide not to have any friends. What kind of logic is this? Go build your own career, while having her support.

#4: I Have Commitment Issues

Wow, just wow. You just figured out that you have commitment issues? It is either you are a really slow learner just like Internet Explorer, or you are just too pathetic. OMG, how can this be an excuse? Please try to be a little bit creative next time!

#5: We Need to Know Each Other More

This one is a valid reply, only if you have been dating for a couple of months. But if you are starting to grow grey hair and limp while walking, then buddy your time is close!

#6: ‘El 7asad’

Honestly, I can’t even come up with the right combination of words. How can ‘envy’ be part of this? If you are that afraid to lose her, then start by being hers and stop thinking of ‘7asad’, because believe me no one really gives a sh*t about you two!

#7: Still Too Young

What happened to age is just a number and all this crap? And please elaborate more on how being in your late 20s is still too young for marriage? Do you want to get married when you are a gedo?

#8: The Age Difference is the Problem

Okay, you don’t deserve to be in a relationship because you are terrible at maths. So if you’re both 25 years old now, then when you are 30, she’ll be 30 as well. So how come, age wasn’t a problem 3 years ago and now it is your sole problem?

#9: ‘Msh 3ayez Adaya3ek Ma3aya’

How can building a life with someone you love and care for turn her life upside down? Of course, life will be hard on the both of you in the beginning, but together it will all be bearable. So stop being the ‘henayen‘ that you are and accept her wanting to be there for you.

I sincerely wish that you wouldn’t be stuck with a guy who has an excuse ready for every question you have.