Here comes this Ramadan where you are going to meet your fiancé’s whole family for the very first time. You can’t help but freak out because it is either you make it or break it. You just feel like the whole destiny of your relationship is in your hands, and all that you want is to seem cool enough for her family.

So here is what you are going to do to impress your fiancé’s fambam!

#1: Dress to Impress

Choose a really nice outfit where you feel pretty/handsome. Don’t overdo it or you’ll be the talk of the whole 3ozoma. Just look decent.

#2: Pick Up Flowers or Their Favorite Desserts

Don’t forget to do your homework and ask your fiance about her/his family’s preferences. You can either buy flowers or any desserts that they like. If you make the wrong choice of buying this Nutella konafa when they hate it, you’ll probably be doomed for life.

#3: Help Setting Up the Table

This applies to you regardless of your gender. Help with setting up the table, they’ll remember it for eternity. Nothing wins hearts like decency and good manners.

#4: Try to Mingle Instead of Sitting in a Corner

Even if you are quite intimidated, don’t sit in the corner like a miserable person. Try to mingle and act cool, even if it feels like you are dying inside. But don’t be too talkative, because you wouldn’t want to come off as ‘too much’.

#5: Don’t Be Too Touchy Around the Family

Yes, you probably love each other too much, but it is for the greater good if you don’t show off your love in front of the family. Yes, it feels good to hold hands or hug in public, but families are a bit judgemental when it comes to PDA.

#6: Sense The Family’s Vibe and Act Accordingly

Be socially smart, and sense the family’s vibe. So if they are very hyped up and cheerful, then you know what to do. Be as crazy as you want, but with a limit of course. But if the family is a quiet one, then try to be up to their taste.

#7: Give Compliments All Day Long

People will love you 10 times more if you compliment them. Saying how great the food was or how her mum looks amazing can earn you points so easily.

#8: Choose the Right Kind of Topics

Be socially smart and choose the topics that are appropriate for her family. Don’t discuss politics if a conflict might arise and definitely don’t mention that you choose Zamalek over Ahly, if they love Ahly.

#9: Just Smile, But Don’t Be Creepy

Lastly, smile but without being creepy. Smiling makes a person look prettier/more handsome than when with a neutral face.

May you impress every single family member and live a life full of happiness and success.