By: Sohaila Elnahas

Well since everyone has exams or not, they probably just finished the spring break and have tons of assignments and studying to get down to. If you find yourself staring at the ceiling instead and thinking about literally anything to waste your time and not finish your work, then join the club. Here are some of the things we do to waste our time:

#1. We eat too much

I guess this one is self-explanatory. You eat and then forget, go eat again and keep going on little trips to the fridge all day long.

#2. Excessive sleeping

We literally wake up at 1 or 2 PM and then when we finally decide to study el nom beyenzel 3aleik men 7ayth la ta3lam, and you make the infamous declaration “I’ll sleep now and wake up early to finish all my work.” But, we all know this never happens.

#3. Procrastinating about all the work you have to do instead of actually doing it

We spend the whole day talking and talking about how much we need to study and how much we need to get it together and finish our work because we’re failing, but guess what? It’s not going to finish by itself; you have to actually sit down and finish it.

#4. Discovering new talents

In the act of wasting our time, we try to search for anything to do. For example: drawing, writing… or whatever it is that comes to mind and you find out that you’re actually gifted.

#5. Finishing the whole series in one night

Well, if you don’t spend your time sleeping then you must challenge yourself to finish the whole series in one single day, but of course when it comes to studying, you can’t finish a single page without getting tired. Sounds familiar?

#6. You literally find a crush in the middle of nowhere

You just find a random person to crush on and keep thinking about the chats and send a dozen screenshots to your best friend asking for advice.

#7. Time to lose weight

You feel guilty about all the food you’ve been eating so you decide it’s time to hit the gym and burn those fats, although you come home hungry and eat again!

We all have different ways of wasting our time. We do terrible on exams but we come home and sleep with the widest smile on our face; I don’t know why! But most importantly, we need to enjoy our wasted time. Mesh ma32ool wala mabsoteen wala benzaker!