Offers, sales, new collections, discounts…these are our favorite words when we are out shopping, aren’t they, ladies? And we don’t like it when something stands between us and these things, something such as…money. The relationship between women and money is a long love affair, and like any love story it has its ups and downs, hence it is complicated. And since proverbs existed to tell stories and offer advice, here are 6 proverbs that will give you an idea how complicated this relationship is.

1. Otbo5y Ya Gareyah…Kalef Ya Sedy

They say a master ordered his servant to cook him a fancy meal, so the servant gave him a good up and down look and said: “You want it fancy? Then cough up your pockets!” Or at least that’s what her words meant. Because fancy is never cheap!

2. You Can’t Buy Happiness, but You Can Buy Shoes, And That’s Kind of The Same Thing.

Yep, our love for shoes can go this far. So money can’t be the reason we are not happy! Don’t you agree, ladies?

3. Eli Matetgawezch Be5dodha…Tetgawez Begedodha.

Which means if we’re not pretty, our only chance to get married is through our family’s money! Guess what, we are pretty even if you don’t agree, and we don’t need anyone’s money, we can perfectly finance ourselves, which leads us to the next proverb…

4. Spoil Me With Loyalty…I Can Finance Myself.

Our relationship with money is already complicated so someone please, inform men to not get involved here! This relationship is only for two.

5. Bfelousak Bent el Sultan 3arousak.

Seriously, men need to stop believing those stupid advice. Money might be important, but it is not what will make a girl fall for you!

6. The Quickest Way To Know A Woman Is To Go Shopping For her.

If a guy wants to know if we are patient, bad tempered, can make up our minds quickly or are indecisive, all he needs to do is join us on a shopping trip.

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