They got you thinking, admit it. No matter how lazy we pretend to be, our brains are always up and running, and love to solve puzzles. And this one was simply intriguing. “What could LAVISTA’s 12+16 billboard mean?” A question we chewed over while stuck in traffic, and in the need of a distraction.

You won’t be wondering anymore, folks, here is your answer… Drum roll please: LAVISTA Developments has 28 projects in 5 different destinations; 12 residential compounds (EL PATIO), Villas & apartments across New Cairo, El Shorouk & 6 October, and 16 coastal compounds (LAVISTA) at Ain Sokhna and North Coast.

Et Voila!

There you have it, folks! Once again, points for LAVISTA for stirring up the atmosphere with anticipation, and for sparking up our curiosity, because as we all know, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back!