Ramadan is not like any other month of the year, especially in Egypt. Ramadan is a month full of blessings, peace and serenity that Muslims from all around the world wait for from year to year. Just like everything else, Egyptians celebrate this holy month differently, that is why lots of Egyptians living abroad always come back for this month’s celebration. Here are some of the things that Egyptians do differently in Ramadan:

1. The Number of Gatherings Egyptians Get Invited to Is Funny

It is one of Ramadan’s rituals to have gatherings during the whole month. You’d get to meet lots and lots of people that you know nothing about, because your mum’s greatest grandma had a friend who was also a relative from your dad’s side of the family so voila, she is technically family now! Egyptians normally get invited to around two handfuls of Iftars during this month and they simply love it!

2. Ramadan-themed Decorations in Every Single Inch

You’d see those Ramadan-themed decorations literally in every single inch of the country; whether in homes, hotels, restaurants or even the streets. Lanterns take over the country; with Arabic calligraphy decorations that make you feel like you’re part of a short Arabic story for a whole month.

3. Binge Watch All the Arabic Series

Ramadan series make a huge part of every Egyptian’s life in this holy month. In gatherings, people tend to talk about the events of the series as if it were real. The 100s of series that pop up during this holy month make you reach your ultimate levels of indecisiveness because you simply don’t know what to watch!

4. Ramadan Tents All Over the City

It is quite amazing how we can even have fun while having our Sohour! We don’t need to just have a boring Sohour at our homes or even in a restaurant. No, we can do it a lot differently! A Sohour tent is one of the most amazing experiences one can ever enjoy in Ramadan. We get to eat LOTS of food and enjoy the performance of a great entertainer in the company of friends or family.

5. Weirdly Combined Desserts

You would never find ‘konafa bel manga’ in any other country around the globe! In Ramadan, patisseries reach their maximum levels of creativity with the type of food they provide and Egyptians simply love it! All the konafa with Nutella, basbousa with red velvet and even Atayef with Nutella are just yummy in all Egyptians tummies!

And of course, one thing that remains a constant in every Ramadan is the amount of food that Egyptians consume during this holy month!