Ramadan is one of the most magical months of the year where one can only hope to reach remarkable levels of peace and serenity. Muslims from all around the world literally wait all year long for this holy month. It is not because they love fasting, but because they love the sense of self-peace that is clearly manifested during this holy month. Here are some of the things that people do in Ramadan that help generate self-peace:

1. Reading Quran

It goes without saying that reading Quran, whether during Ramadan or any other month, brings about this tremendous amount of self-peace. Youโ€™d be reading this verse and suddenly you feel extremely happy and content. It is like applying medicine on a wound and suddenly having it disappear. This is the power of Quran.

2. Praying Tarawih

Tarawih prayers at the mosque is not like any other prayer. Going to the mosque and praying for minutes and sometimes even hours with a crowd that you donโ€™t even know gives you goosebumps. It is as if youโ€™ve travelled multiple time zones away living in your own world of serenity and peace. This is exactly how Tarawih prayers feel like.

3. Helping Those in Need

Any kind of help brings us closer to God and helps us achieve inner peace. Some may consider the act of giving as selfish, because eventually you are mainly looking for this personal satisfaction portrayed in self-peace that you receive right after you help someone. But even if it is considered selfish, who cares? It is a win-win situation.

4. Quitting a Bad Habit

Research has shown that people tend to be irritated when they are doing a bad habit. Researchers say that for one person to completely be peaceful, they need to be 100% fine with their routines. Try to quit a habit that is making you lose sleep at night, or making you feel guilty or self-conscious. They say it only takes around 2 months for you to quit a habit. Ramadan can be the start of this!

5. Starting a New Habit

Replace this old habit with one that makes you feel happier and more satisfied. It can be as little as smiling more to strangers. Take this initiative and stick to it and youโ€™ll notice the feelings of accomplishment overwhelming you.

6. Making Duaa

Many people underestimate the power of duaa. Making a duaa and knowing that God will definitely accept your duaa makes you develop this sense of spirituality and peacefulness. Duaa helps in redeeming the sole and healing any amount of pain one has ever been through. The power of duaa is indescribable.

7. Having Some Alone Time

People need to give huge weights to the importance of alone time. Alone time helps you understand yourself more, connect with your inner self to be able to understand its needs and wants.

8. Spending Time With the Family

Spending some time with your family watching TV series or playing games during family gatherings helps you develop a sense of belonging, which adds to your peace as well. It makes you realize how blessed you are which brings us to the next point.

9. Counting Your Blessings

This habit is a must for a peaceful successful life filled with acceptance, happiness and blessings. Counting your blessings and thanking God for them daily, weekly or even monthly is one of your greatest weapons. Once you start counting your blessings, youโ€™ll realize that you are truly blessed. You sometimes even think that you donโ€™t deserve half of it, and while you are doing all of this, God is on the other end adding to your blessings.

10. Helping Your Mum Prepare Iftar

Even if you are one of those kids who never help their mothers out during the whole year, when you help her during this month, it gets you two closer and makes you feel like you are achieving something together. First, you are trying to lessen the burden off of her, which makes her feel great and consequently makes you feel great as well. Second, you are technically feeding the whole household members and taking their Thawab.

11. Playing Sports

Sports play a huge role in bettering our peace of mind and health. Our mental health is directly connected to our physical health. So if you are maintaining a healthy body, then expect your soul to be healthy as well. Playing sports helps you get rid of negative energy. Not only that, but it makes you feel happier, at peace with your surroundings and very energetic.


Eventually, try to make the best out of this month and out of every other month. Donโ€™t restrict self-peace to Ramadan; to the contrary, try to search for peace in your everyday life, because without inner peace, youโ€™ll feel lost all the time.

Photo credit:ย @muhamedfareedd