We always seek to secure our cars, safe, homes and even our written memories in our cute little diaries. But what about our social media accounts? We don’t keep them secure as our private belongings. Here is when we can add the term ‘Cyber Security’ to our dictionary.

Hacking is a serious Cyber Security aspect that we should take seriously! It became very common nowadays, since anyone can look up hacking methods and start the attempt, as simple as that! Hackers practice this as a hobby and enjoy invading people’s privacy to spread information. Some hackers blackmail their victims in various forms and for different motives.

We are a group of mass communication senior students who are launching a cyber security campaign. The aim is to create more awareness about the security measures and encourage victims to speak up when they get exposed to cyber-crimes. Here are some tips that will help you be more virtually secure!

Why give the hackers the chance when you can be a step ahead? If you want to be safe from a hacking attempt before it happens, just keep these simple precautions in mind! The URL must contain “http” or “https”. Spot a green padlock before the URL. And when you find strange “Russian” letters, it means your account is hacked! As for the links, never follow an unknown link that asks you to put your username and password. When the link is too long, then it is doubtful.

Stay safe and recognize the signs of hacking too! It’s a piece of cake! Identify the posts on social media that you didn’t share. Find applications that you didn’t download. And lastly, weird messages that you didn’t send to your friends.

For more information about our campaign,check our Facebook page “Sok 3ala Bayanatak” “سك على بياناتك” or follow our Instagram account “Sok3alabayanatak”.