Summer is officially setting in and we can’t help but run away from sizzling hot Cairo at the first chance we get. And so the weekly migration to our beloved North Coast has also started with the same hassle of keeping up with the hottest spots in Sahel. IDENTITY comes in handy, providing you with a list of the must-go destinations.

Let’s not waste any more time and start kicking off those summer vibes!

12The Smokery

Dinning out should always be an elegant experience and The Smokery settles for nothing less. Located in Marassi, you are promised a calm relaxing atmosphere, breathtaking views and delicious meals.

11The Beach Bar by Lemon Tree & Co.

Located in Telal, the Beach Bar is where you can relax by the beach, savour delicious Mediterranean delicacies and refreshing cocktails while enjoying the lively sounds.

10Sol Beach

If you are looking for a place to chill, relax and luxuriate at the same time, look no more. Sol Beach in Amwaj morphs smoothly from chic beach club by day to an extravagant nightlife hub by night. You will be mesmerized by the scenic interiors, the crystals-like sands and the shades of blue.

9IOS Village

For an in-border trip to Mykonos, go give The Greek Village in Sahel a visit. It lies between Diplo and Sidi Abdelrahman and you will feel the Greek atmosphere all around the place.

8Exit Club

Hidden along the beautiful North Coast, Exit brings together the finest house music with a crowd that loves to party to the early hours of the morning. Located in Dunes mall, opposite to Hacienda, Exit is a weekend club.

7Pier 88

For a truly luxurious unparalleled beach fine dining experience, our one and only Pier 88 is heading to the Mediterranean. Make sure to bring your appetite to Sahel this summer and dine in sophistication in Pier 88 at Almaza Bay.

6Danos Beach Bar

Danos is your day and night casual bar located in Hacienda. After all, what can be more exciting than sipping on delicious cold drinks by the beach while listening to the best music? Exactly, nothing!

5Diplomatic Village 5


If you are seeking calmness and peace of mind, then Diplo beach is what you’re looking for. It’s the perfect spot for enjoying a relaxed morning by the beach and spending some time tanning and swimming.

4Container Park Sahel

From 5 PM until sunrise, Container Park is your go to place this summer. Located in front of Hacienda White and right next to McDonalds Dunes, this is definitely not the typical container.

3Pearl Beach Bar

Pearl Beach Bar is not a regular bar, with its wide range of water sports, food, beverages, parties and entertaining activities for you and your children! It seems that they got the whole package for this summer.

2Mistiqa Sahel

Mouthwatering food? Check. Family friendly atmosphere? Check. Food that tastes like home? Check. Oriental cuisine and off the grill meals? Check. For all that and more, find Mistiqa at Rivette mall by the entrance of Amwaj.

1Johnny’s Sahel

Love Johnny’s back in Cairo? You’ll love Johnny’s, Marassi even more. Contributing to our favorite Sahel vibe, Johnny’s gives us a chance to elegantly party in Sahel as well.


At the end, it doesn’t matter if you are a beach lover who spends lots of hours sunbathing and swimming or a crazy hyped party animal who is bound to nightlife, or even both! What truly matters is knowing how and where to have fun. Let the summer festivities begin!