“Beach house isn’t just real estate. It’s a state of mind” – Douglas Adams

Summer is finally here and that only means one thing: heading to the BEACH! Our beach houses are undoubtedly our favourite kind of homes; nothing beats the idea of knowing that the sea is just right outside the walls of your home! But keep in mind that what is inside the walls of the house is just as important as what is outside.

That’s why we’re dedicating this article for 10 easy and feasible tips and tricks that will grant you your dream beach house, and with no need of a fat wallet.

 1. Seashells Fever

Looking for an attractive centrepiece for your coffee table or your dining table? Gather different forms, types and sizes of seashells and set them in a large beautiful glass jar or clamshell. For an easy DIY decoration idea, attach shells to blue papers and frame them. You can also use colourful conches to decorate your shelves, your bedside tables, your dressing tables or anything else for that matter!

2. Storage Picnic Baskets and Framed Bathing Suits

Search no more for an effective yet beautiful way of storage. Place picnic baskets under beds and use the extra space for storage artistically. The baskets will give your bedrooms a nostalgic summery look. Additionally, if you want to add a cheerful character to your living room, get some of your old bathing suits that you don’t use anymore, put them into picture frames with basic colours and hang them. You’ll get an adorable decorative piece with zero cost.

3. Wreaths for Doors and Hooks for Walls

The front door of your Sahel place must reflect the spirit of the house. That’s why wreaths exist.  Whether it’s a shell and starfish wreath, easy DIY long driftwood pieces arranged into starburst shape or a nautical wreath wrapped with blue and white striped fabric; anything will do the trick just fine. Besides wreaths, hooks are essential for beach houses so that some items don’t track sand indoors. Specify one wall for hooks and try hanging hats, beach bags and other accessories on it. It will give it an artistic chaotic view.

4. Mermaids and Maritime Wallpapers

In case you have little kids, the choice of the colours of their bedroom walls could be tricky. Be fearless and go for nautical or beach-y wallpapers for a festive mood inside your kids’ rooms. And mermaids are definitely girls’ favourite sea characters. So if you are looking for a piece to complement a room for girls, you can try hanging gorgeous mermaid illustrations and you are good to go.

5. Wooden Shelves and Glass Jar Candles

In case you need to add shelves to your living room, bedrooms or even kitchen, go for wooden ones. They will give your Sahel home a catchy coastal look. Moreover, nothing shouts out “beach house” like candles in glass jars filled with shells and starfish. Go for scented candles for an extra relaxing atmosphere. You can also mix up different candle colours that match the themes of your rooms.

6. Light Breezy Space

Are you still in the phase of furnishing your house by the beach? Then choose the airy light whitey colours. To contrast it, go for sandy colours like café-au-lait, beige, brown or gray pillows and rugs. If you are not a big fan of white, try using different shades of blue and turquoise for a seaside sense.  Stick with open spaces and don’t stack items and furniture.

7. Vintage Oars and Burlap Ropes

A thing about oars is that they can be used in many ways to decorate your beach house. They could be hanged on the wall, hanged on a door or just standing in a corner in the living room. To be more creative, hooks can be attached to the oars and it can be turned into a creative clothes hanger. Also add burlap ropes to your beach house décor for it to feel like a cabin or a ship. They can be glued to vases, added to frame mirrors, tied around glass jars or even attached to the back of beds or the tables.

 8. Driftwoods and Signal Flags

Driftwoods are great for wall decorations and are perfectly suitable for any room in the house, just like the signal flags representing letters. You can collect driftwood and make whatever shapes you like such as sailboats, fishes or seahorses. And for the flags, get the ones corresponding to your name and each one of your family’s and hang them up on their beds. Their vivid colours will top your beach house bedrooms with delightful vibes.

9. Rugs, Illustrations and Starfish Settings

To add up a nautical touch to your beach house, go for the blue and white rugs. Get some illustrations of anchors, ships and sailboats and edge them with blue and white picture frames. Likewise, starfish settings are considered as a great addition to your house. From hanging a big yellow starfish on your living room wall, adding small starfishes to your bathroom walls to getting starfish lanterns, colourful starfishes for your shelves and starfish illustrations, a seaside appearance is guaranteed.

10. Wooden Wheels

Wooden wheels are highly underestimated! You will be mesmerized after trying to hang up wooden wheels in one of the bedrooms of your beach house. They completely change the look of the room and give it the needed nautical spirit. For an innovative accessory, add a wooden sign with your name on it or with your favourite summer/beach quotes.


At the end, you don’t need to spend a fortune to have your dream beach house in real life. All you need to do is be creative, think out of the box, don’t limit yourself to what’s trendy and be bold enough to try out new ideas.