Travelling for a while can be both a blessing and a curse. You travel, you see the world, truly experience new things, open yourself up to new cultures, love life, and then… you come back. You come back and notice that there’s something wrong with you. You constantly feel like something’s missing, like you don’t really belong here anymore. Your heart is elsewhere and you can’t really envision happiness where you’re at. Many of us have gone through post-travel depression. Here are a few ways to cope with it:

1- Focus on enjoying the moment


I know it’s hard, and you want to be elsewhere! But, you know that travel bug in you that wants to see all sorts of different places in the world? Use it to discover your own country! I’m certain most of us have yet to see important sights on our own land. Think about living day to day. Enjoy the fact that in this moment you are here, then do the things you can only do here.

2- Make new friends and put yourself out there! 


One of the reasons we crave travelling all the time, is the fact that we’re constantly seeking new experiences and change. Seeing and doing new things is what makes us feel alive. That’s why our hearts yearn to travel often. However, making new friends in your home country can be another way to satiate that hunger for new things. Put yourself out there and make new friends; expand your group circle. You’ll feel like a different person.

3- Talk to your friends over thereskype

Also, talk to your friends over there. Maybe it’s the fact that you miss them terribly that makes you want to travel again. That’s what social media platforms are made for! Skype them; Facetime them. You’ve got a whole arena of options.

4- Plan other trips


This is what’s going to keep you patient. Plan stuff! Plan your next trip, whether that is by yourself or with your friends. You’ll definitely find the planning process fun; it gives you a chance to daydream. And if you’re dealing with post-travel depression, that’s one thing you definitely like to do.

5- Keep yourself busy and interestedbusy

By keeping yourself busy and interested in your work, for example, you’ll feel less sad about the fact that you’re not travelling in this instance. Of course, being busy doesn’t mean you won’t feel that agonising pain of having your heart elsewhere, but it’ll take your mind off it for a while.

6- Focus on improving yourselfyoga

Improving the person you are, whether that is intellectually or physically, seems to be the cure for pretty much everything. Again, like I’ve said, if you’re dealing with post-travel depression, then you’re probably the sort of person who’s craving the unaccustomed and the unfamiliar. Doing something out of your comfort zone or that you’re not used to doing is bound to make you feel better about where you are.

Don’t worry. It may feel like the pain is weighing your heart down, but with time you’ll adapt. And fear not! You’ll be travelling again very soon.