Let us admit it, Maison Thomas is not the best pizzeria in town anymore and even if, I don’t wonna smell like a used frying pan every time I visit this joint; and pizza Mia started out good but lately has hit rock bottom with its oily pizza and increasingly annoying lack of a bathroom.

So a quest for a pizzeria was a must; a couple of month ago Top Dawg closed its small sandwich joint on Aboul Feda and a new pizzeria graced Zamalek with its enchanting  presence, Il Divano Pizzeria.

The place is tiny but nicely laid out, simple wooden chairs, marble tables, clean white wall offering a nice combination of whites and browns. The salads are ok; the green salad with its dijonnaise dressing works well for those who wonna keep it simple. The tuna salad is tasteful.

The pizzas on this menu are a delight, a wide range of topping and mixes catering to all tastes and cravings. However, my absolute favorite was the diva (LE48); it offered the right balance of vegetables and cheese adding pesto to the formula…brilliant. The asparagus, broccoli and spinach were simply perfection.

The prices are close to Thomas’s price range which is OK but not perfect and the pizza sometimes is a little crunchy around the edges. Other than that, Il Divano is definitely on my “awesome places” list.