The Ministry of Interior announced yesterday that a 59 year old woman was found dead in her apartment in Alexandria. According to the statement, the corpse belonged to a teacher named Hanem who was stabbed to death several times.

The investigations have revealed that the murderer is called Seif El Din, a 16 year old student who used to take private lessons with the victim.

The incident reportedly occurred when the student went to the teacher’s home for his regular weekly lesson, where he attacked and stabbed her several times in different parts of the body, until she took her last breaths.

The investigations also uncovered that the reason behind the murder was a certain video game called “PUBG” played on computers and mobile phones.

According to the 16 year old’s confession, the video game was what led him to committing the crime.He stated that killing people is one the game’s main goals before starting to learn to make bombs. Therefore he said that he had imagined his presence in the game, and found nothing but killing the teacher, as he learned in the game.

It’s worth mentioning that a backpack containing a knife and some of the murderer’s clothes was found next to the victim’s body. In addition to a piece of paper that the authorities took as evidence.

In their statement, the Ministry of Interior has warned parents about the underlying dangers of such video games, stressing on the importance of paying close attention to the children especially in this day and age.

Sources: Masrawy