Another suicide attempt happened this week, and surprisingly enough, this is not the most horrifying part of the story.

Yesterday, a girl jumped off Stanley Bridge in Alexandria. After falling in the ice cold water, the girl started to scream and ask for help. Thankfully, some brave men jumped after her and rescued her from drowning.

This should have been the happy ending to this story. However, it wasn’t.

At the time the girl jumped, there was a girl standing by taking selfies with her phone. This girl “Sara” captured the entire incident and posted it on Facebook.

In the post, Sara goes on describing how this day was the worst day of HER life.


Yes, the day another human being almost drowned was apparently the worst day of her life…

Sara talks in her Facebook post about how she noticed the girl before she jumped and asked her to get down. The girl responded “Tell the guy wearing black over there that Naira jumped”, then she jumped into the water before Sara could catch her.

Instead of being happy that a human being was rescued, Sara continued to talk about how she doesn’t sympathize with the girl – who literally just tried to kill herself – and will never forgive her for “making Sara lose her nerves and causing her to scream and shiver”.

Yes, she actually said that…

She also, of course, shamed the poor girl who attempted suicide for, as she put it “losing in this life and the afterlife”, referring to how suicide is haram and whoever attempts it is a sinner.

This girl, regardless of the reason, reached a point of desperation that she tried to take her own life. It is no one’s right or place to judge nor shame her.

This was not the first case we hear of where people shame others for attempting suicide saying that they will go straight to hell. Despite the fact that Dr. Ahmed Korayma, Al Azhar Professor has stated that people who commit suicide, although sinful are not an infidel.

This year alone, Egypt has witnessed several suicide attempts. Some were successful and others were, thankfully, not.

However, all people seem to care about is analyzing whether these people ‘should have’ attempted suicide or not. Or, of course, trying desperately to deny that it was even a suicide!

Like in the case of the late psychiatrist Ibrahim Nasra whose death was ruled as ‘an accident’.

People do struggle, and they do commit suicide. Denying it, arguing about it or shaming people for it will not change that fact and will not help in any way. So if you don’t know how to help someone in need, the least you could do is simply SHUT UP!