Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely mothers out there. Your love and effort are much appreciated.



Mom, mommy, mama, ommi, ma, mami, maman, where do I begin?

No words are enough to thank you for the unconditional love you have given me. No text, no article, no book is enough to explain the magnitude of your love for me or how thankful I am for it. You deserve recognition every day of your life, not just on March 21st.

To the woman who has spent every waking moment of her life thinking of me, I want you to know how much I appreciate the amount of love you have given me.

I thank you for the sleepless nights you spent worrying about me. I thank you for all the birthday cakes. I thank you for seeing me off to school since I was a little girl. I thank you for the yummy treats you left in my lunch box every day. I thank you for putting so much thought in every detail of my life; from helping me pick out what to wear to the school’s costume party, to helping me choose my future career.

I thank you for always listening to what I have to say. I thank you for being so supportive of my education. I thank you for believing in me every day of my life. I thank you for how beautiful you think I am and how much you remind me of it. I thank you for being honest with me. I thank you for trying to protect me while still giving me the freedom to learn and make my own mistakes. I thank you for being my friend. I thank you for loving me more than you love yourself.

You have always been the person who taught me the most. You were always keen on giving me the best of everything you could; better than anything you had. You continue to teach and inspire me to this day. If I have good manners, if I have a good education, if I have a tender heart, if I know what love is, it’s because of you.

I thank you for always putting me first. If I know what sacrifice is, if I know how to make sacrifices for others, it’s because I have seen you do it for me every day of my life.

You have loved me on my worst and darkest days. Your grace never ceases to amaze me. Your tender, loving heart is a resting place I can always lean on.

I thank you for always wanting the best for me. I thank you for all the effort you put into raising me and teaching me everything you know. If I turn out to be a good mother, it will most certainly be because I’ve learned from the best.

You may have lead an ordinary life, but the impact you have on me is anything but ordinary. You may not be a teacher, but I have learned so much from you. You may not rule your own kingdom, but you are my queen. You may not have superpowers, but you are my hero.

I love you and I look up to you. Thank you for being the best mother and friend anyone could wish for. Thank you for being the pure, innocent soul that you are.

Rabena yekhaliki leya ya ommi.