Star Academy

We’re certain that only from reading the title of this article, you guys got a dozen flashbacks from the early 00s. From 2003 onward, our lives were basically dominated by Star Academy’s greatness. Almost everyone in Egypt watched it and religiously awaited Friday’s prime to know which one of the nominees is going to leave for good.

Let alone the 24 hours channel that had all the juicy drama and even if many wouldn’t admit it, a lot of people secretly watched it and lived on the drama.

And since Mohamed Attia -the first ever Star Academy winner- is currently making a comeback album, we figured why not take a trip down Star Academy’s memory lane?

1# Mohamed Attia Winning The First Season of Star Academy:

When it comes to Egyptians abroad, their fellow Egyptians stretch as far as they can to support them. Needless to say, Egyptians literally started voting campaigns to help Attia win and that’s exactly what happened. What a proud moment that was Y’all!

Bonus point: Attia was basically the party animal of the academy. Take a look!

2# Zizi Adel, the fashionista – Star Academy 2

Do you guys remember Zizi, our other Egyptian pride in Star Academy? What a voice this woman had! Everybody here in Egypt and at the Academy loved her and her fashion sense! Do you remember?


3# Mohamed Kamah, Sally and Tina’s Love Triangle – Star Academy 4

Okay, we just know that the song immediately came to your head! Didn’t it? If not, don’t worry, we’ve got the video right here for you. The love triangle between Kamah, Sally and Tina was basically what we were living for. Do you guys remember when Kamah confessed his undying love to both of them during one of the evaluations?

Star Academy

4# The Fady Andrawos and Hany Hussein – The ‘Who’s hotter?’ battle – Star Academy 3

Well hello, boys of the Academy! Remember when all Arab girls could talk about at that time was who would they rather marry, Fady or Hany? Still keeps us up at night, tbh! Having both of them nominated to leave at the same time was such a heartbreak! Don’t you girls agree?

Star AcademyStar Academy

5# Rakia and Fahd – Star Academy 3

And now for the happily-ever-after-couple of the Academy, Rakia, and Fahd! Do you guys remember when they were the relationship goals? Especially that their love story did not end with their season and they actually made it official and got married afterward!

Star Academy

6# Merihan Hussein and the boys (Mostafa Mezher and Kowaider) – Star Academy 5

Here comes the Academy’s princess! Well, at least that’s what they used to call her! Merihan was the boys’ heartbreaker at the Academy; everyone was basically all over her especially Mezher and Kowaider! However, it was all about fun and flirtations, unlike the Kamah-Sally-Tina love triangle! Do you guys remember all the crying when Mostafa was nominated and left? Same for Merihan!

Star AcademyStar Academy

7# Lara Scandar and Mohamed Bash – Star Academy 6

Who could ever forget the famous lovey dovy performances of Lara and Bash? And of course, everyone remembers the one that sparked lots of gossips and gave off their love story!

Star Academy

So, what did you guys think about this amazing trip down memory lane? Tell us who and what else you remember from the dreamy drama that was Star Academy!

PS. We apologize for the low-quality photos and videos. These things are ancient, but we hope you enjoyed!