“Abuse.” Do you realize how scary that word is? Because you know how much pain it causes! But then, all you thought about is the physical abuse because yeah, it’s indeed painful, but have you thought about the emotional abuse? Did you know that it’s even more painful than the physical one?! Emotional abuse takes such a long time to heal and even when it’s healed, you’ll always remember the pain, you’ll always remember how it happened and how you felt. You’re perfect on the surface and tortured on the inside and no one can see! That’s why you can always pretend that you’re fine! But you’ll always remember the person who scarred you for life and abused you intentionally because that’s when everything changed.

To my emotional abuser;

Would you stop?! Because I can’t handle the pain you drive into my heart! It’s like you’re aiming your punch right into my chest. Can we stop at the moment where I lost all respect for you? Where I can’t just look at you as I did before? We all wanna say that to our emotion’s abusers. A chain of “How” questions are dying to be asked: “How could you do that?” “How could you be the one who messes up everything for me?” “How could you have the ability to break someone?” “How could you know that you’re hurting me and still do it?”

Sometimes you just wanna walk right up to them and scream “You’re not making me HATE you, because I don’t know how to hate. You just proved to me that you’re definitely the worst mistake I have ever made. It’s not about hate; it’s about how I look at you.” So, to all the abusers; don’t act all emotional and say you still care and play the victim when you don’t, when you’re like a snake that knows how to manipulate its victims, that knows how to surround them so it can break their bones alive!

Wasn’t it destructive enough that you made me trust you and broke that trust? The thing is that it’s hard to give your all to someone, did you ever put that into consideration before making me fall for your deceiving self? But you get an A for playing it well, an A for making me believe that you are a gentleman who won’t do me wrong. An A for making yourself look like someone who’d sacrifice his appearance for the sake of his victim.

To the abuser, you know yourself; you abused me, you bruised every inch of me, my mind, my heart and even my soul. And it hurts when you lose respect for the one you love, it’s like you’re forced to hurt yourself even more. But if people asked me about you, I’d say that you’re definitely the worst experience.

If someone was to see the souls of the abused ones, they would see it bloody, bruised, and full of unhealed scars. We don’t easily heal; we’re sentenced to remember our bruises forever!