If you’ve been living under a rock lately, or if you simply went to bed early yesterday May 22nd, you missed a big story and an even bigger controversy.

Last night, videos of a 17-year-old tik-toker being beaten up and abused were leaked by some of her friends. A while later, Menna AbdelAziz herself went live to talk about the incident and explain how she allegedly got raped by a guy named Mazen Ibrahim with the help of his friends.

HOWEVER, we won’t get into the details here because this is all still up for investigation. The reason we decided to address the issue has to with the reactions to Menna’s claims and how disturbing and alarming they are.

Exhibit A.

Many comments like these came flooding social media as an attack on both the girl and her defenders. The guy who made this comment is basically saying how people shouldn’t defend a girl who wears revealing clothes and has male friends.

What some people still need to grasp is that RAPE IS UNJUSTIFIABLE, under any circumstances. The rape of prostitutes and sex workers is also illegal since it’s done without CONSENT.

Exhibit B

A girl, slut-shaming another girl who probably got raped over her choice of clothes and display of public affection. If you go through Twitter or Facebook you’ll find many of those.

Female misogynists who think it’s okay for a guy to abuse or even rape a woman if her clothes and attitude reflect a “she’s asking for it” situation.

The bottom line, there must be lots of details we don’t know and it’s actually none of our concern at this point. There’s footage of the girl being beaten up and her live video with a bruised face and body is evidence.

What truly concerns us is how our society perceives female victims of rape, harassment or any kind of abuse. Because surely, if people among us are justifying rape, for whatever reason, then NO ONE IS SAFE.

We’re also sure authorities will act fast on the case. But what’s also pressing at the moment is a deep and growing concern over some Egyptian mentalities that take the side of a rapist, harasser or an abuser who confessed their crimes!