Farah, of Farah Gad Designs is an up and coming fashion designer. Her dresses are dubbed “masterpieces” with fresh and innovative designs that also allow clients to include their own unique touch.

1- What was the reason for your interest in fashion? And in later becoming a designer?

Honestly speaking, nothing in particular triggered my interest in fashion. At a young age, I just woke up one day and found myself highly intrigued by fashion design. I used to inspect every garment I see and try to figure out how it was constructed. From that point on, I took the initiative to develop my admiration for fashion into a talent. I have researched a lot about the field, read a lot of books, attended several courses, done internships with numerous designers and taught myself a lot of techniques through trial and error. My fascination for fashion design kept growing more and more by the day; I realized that there is nothing I would enjoy doing more. It’s a way for me to express my thoughts, my emotions and myself as a whole.

2- Which designer or designs inspire you the most?

I believe that each designer is inspiring and deserves to be admired and respected, because each and every one of them invests a huge amount of effort, time and energy in order to bring their designs to life. In a way, fashion designers manage to turn ideas into pieces of art. But one thing I’ve always strived to do is to not really follow a specific designer’s work. My aim is to make my designs as original and as unique as possible.

3-Where do you look for inspirations for your own designs?

I find inspiration in anything surrounding me; be it nature, architecture, shapes, elements, or even personalities! For me, anything has the potential to be turned into a garment. All I have to do is just take a deeper look and try to comprehend the core of the object/element…etc. I’m observing and to translate it into fashion.

4-  What was the most challenging design you ever had to work on?

The burgundy ball gown required so much effort, energy, time and hard work. I wanted to come up with a design that is head-turning, elegant, unique and sophisticated. I was inspired by the element of fire and I instantly knew how I wanted the gown to look like. The construction, on the other hand, required more work than any other gown I have ever worked on!


905686_810795605692251_9086473940554937302_o5- On your page, it says that you create designs stating “your own master piece”. How much of the designs are the client’s input and your input?

Well, there are a few steps I go through before bringing any design to life. Firstly, and most importantly, I analyze the clients’ personality, because my main aim is to help my clients represent themselves through the designs I create for them. It’s also very important to find out how the client wants to be perceived: Is she trying to look sexy, elegant or sophisticated? I try to get to know them a little better, discuss the styles they prefer or don’t, what they feel comfortable wearing, which body parts they prefer to expose, and which they prefer to hide…etc. Secondly, based on my client’s preferences, I create various designs that meet the style and look they are aiming for and then they choose the one they like the most. Moreover, the design I create not only manages to represent my client’s character, but it also represents me as a designer. In a way, both the inputs of the client and my own inputs are crucial in the process of creating the garment. If either of the inputs is missing, the design won’t be unique. My main purpose as a fashion designer is to help my clients express themselves through what they wear and to help them reflect their inner self on their outer self by wearing a design that identifies them.

6- What are some things you’d wish people had told you about starting in fashion?

Something I wish I had known is the lack of differentiation between a tailor and a fashion designer in our Egyptian culture which, of course, affects me as a designer a lot.

7- Of your designs, what is your favorite?

The burgundy ball gown is my all time favorite!

8- What is your favorite part of the process when creating a dress (design, construction etc.)?

I have two favorite parts! The process of designing the dress is definitely a part I truly enjoy. Turning very simple ideas into  wearable designs is truly fascinating and enjoyable.

But the part that I wouldn’t trade for anything is the look on my clients’ faces when they first see themselves in the finished product. I am overwhelmed with joy and it really fires my heart with passion to see my designs being brought to life and to see the how the customer is able to identify herself through the design she’s wearing.


9- What would you say is the most difficult part of the process when creating a dress?

It is hard to name just one. I have definitely faced challenges in all stages of the process before, but I wouldn’t really refer to them as “difficulties”, more like  “challenges”. Each challenge has taught me something new about the fashion industry and has definitely opened my eyes more to what fashion is all about. I’m actually very thankful for all the hardships I have faced; they are the reason where I am right now. With all the support I have received from my family and friends, each challenge and hardship got a bit easier.


10- If you could have any celebrity wear one of your designs, who would it be? And would they wear something you’ve already designed or something entirely new?

I would absolutely create a design for 50’s Audrey Hepburn! I would create a new design that represents her charisma and uniqueness!


11- Are there any upcoming projects?

I’m currently working on taking Farah Gad Fashion Designs to an international level. That is all I can reveal for now!

12823463_805176499587495_5820459041224715310_oCheck out Farah’s Page Here for all her newest designs and be sure to follow her on Instagram too on @farahgaddesigns