Ramadan, the month of spirituality healing and soul cleansing sadly turned into the month of competing for the“Most Provocative TV Series” title.

In recent years, we’ve been used to having foul language, soft porn and sexually explicit content on the shows, but it seems that the sick minds behind the shows took it up a notch this year and decided to kill animals to increase viewership!

Most of the new generation don’t really watch any of the Ramadan series anyway, unless there’s a buzz happening like the one recently made for a show called “Mawlana el Ashek” starring: Mostafa Shaaban, Nichol Saba, Dina, and a bunch of other insignificant actors, directed by Othman Abo-Laban and written by Ahmed Abd El-Fattah.

Word has been spreading around that one of the scene depicts the actual slaughtering a poor helpless cat; not cinematic manipulation or anything, actual slaughtering.

TV show hostess, Menna Farouk, has made a public plea urging the show’s actors and producers to remove the savage scene from the series. Even though it’s useful to bring their horrific act to light, she should’ve been more aggressive about it!

Plenty of other shows have been attacked or even got canceled because of displaying sexually explicit scenes, but the one showing animal cruelty and brutality is only being “nicely asked” to remove the scene!

It’s so heartbreaking to see animal cruelty taken this lightly, and featured normally on a TV series that is aired during Ramadan! The irony of it all!