Hey baby you’re the only one!

Talking about all girls he knew as if they’re mistaken, crazy, and non-appreciative. He was a victim; they couldn’t understand him, or they were missing/lacking something he needs. Telling details about them –from his own perspective- to show you how bitchy they all were!

Touching the sensitive cords!

He says the words every girl needs to hear, “You’re amazing, you’re beautiful the way you are, you’re different, where were the people’s eyes? You need someone who’ll love you, cherish you, and give you the attention you deserve.”  He is the knight on shining armor; the embodiment of your dreams! He is the father you need, the friend you miss, or the son you have never conceived.

Playing the open-minded understanding guy!

At the beginning, you feel he is a perfect match, reading, thinking and being interested in what you say. Dragging you bit by bit to his arena. You listen, you give attention, you empathize and all of a sudden you realize that your need to talk and express yourself is totally wiped out and neglected.


Step by step all his complexes will unravel and you’re not allowed to do anything until you get his permission. Questions and doubts start to arise: Whom are you talking to? Who are your friends? Don’t talk to this or that. Your intimate friend is trying to turn you against me. Calling you any time to make sure whom you’re with. You’re not allowed to stay late on the street….etc.  

You are mine forever, unless I want otherwise!

He would never let you go if he sensed that you can walk away from him. He’ll beg and plea and tell you how important you are to his life. He is not actually into you. He doesn’t want to feel like a loser. He’d rather walk away from you whenever he likes not the other way round!

I’m with friends, I’m at work; don’t disturb!

The man who was waiting for your call for hours, the man who spent hours with you on the phone is now busy all the time; busy to the extent that he can’t find some time to call you or even text you back. He has no time to go out with you. He has no time to listen to you. Basically, you’ve become a bore and he is looking for a more interesting wild catch!