1. Tell us more about your background.

None of us at A7lamna FM actually studied mass communication. Our manager,Menem Salem, was a computer science graduate while the rest are still studying the Egyptian Thanaweyya Amma diploma.We’re passionate about providing a professional media production that helps our youth achieve their dreams and hopes. Our talent lies in presenting radio programs and doing daily reports about the on-going events.


2. A7lamna FM is a program, run by youth for the benefit of youth; would you tell us more about the value of the program, and how is it different from any other?

The purpose of the program is to help our youth to discover who they really are, pinpoint their goals in life and help them reach those goals beyond any inhibitions or intimidations. We’ve got many programs; the most important of which are“Fekra – Hekayat – Top Ten.“

– Presented by Mohamed Ibrahim, Fekra targets youth of the same age,tackling their problems with their parents and the society, and how people refuse their roles and neglect them.
– Presented by Menem Salem, Hekayat addresses the relationship between boys and girls in Egypt, helping them to accept each other and solve their relationship problems.
– Top Ten is an entertainment program, presented by Samah Mashaly,a total distraction from politics and social problems.

3. A7lamna FM is a gateway (media platform) for youth to raise public awareness about their problems and the challenges they are facing on a daily basis; what types of difficulties have you faced early in A7lamna FM operations?

We’ve faced many difficulties during the initial launching of A7lmna. At the beginning, we were still experimenting with social media, how to run, and how to appeal to our target listeners. Now, we’re facing plagiarism issues; other networks are stealing our work.

4. A7lamna FM’s purpose is to change the media culture in Egypt; what is it that you want to change in the role of media?

We need to better the media culture in Egypt; it’s one of the most important tools to criticize others and defend yourself.

5. For “shafi2a and Sa3edya” program, this is a satiric one. Do you think the Egyptian culture would endure the idea of a ‘satiric program’? (Like Bassem Youssef’s show?)

Some people actually love these types of programs like Bassem’s show; others think they’re just lame.

6. Would you brief us about ‘Fikra’ program? And why was it deactivated/stopped in 2012?

Fekra is a program discussing our life as teenagers in our society. It’s like a small room full of people from different countries around the world. We have viewers from Algeria – Italy – Saudi Arabia –and Kuwait. Fekra was a mean to find others they can talk to and help them solve their problems.

7. What are your expectations about Egypt concerning the role of media and arts?

I think at the moment, no one can expect anything about Egypt but we only hope that it gets better and grow.

8. If you want to aspire the Egyptian youth about following their dreams, what would you tell them?

You must work hard because your work will say a lot about who you really are; as we say “No pain, No gain“. Our slogan is: “Radio A7lmna, 7elm byet7a’a2 Oddamna “.

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