Sources within Abla Fahita program, which is broadcast on the network CBC channels, declared earlier today, that the program has been suspended indefinitely!

The Supreme Council of Information sent a letter to Cbc requesting them to delete all sexual impersonations from any episode of Abla Fahita!

That’s not all there is to it, the Council stressed that the channel should delete all sexual impersonations and insults from CBC’s YouTube channel, which includes full episodes including abuse.

The council has also requested that the name of the TV presenter playing Abla Fahita, Hatem El Kashef, must be included in the opening credit, so that he can be held accountable for the charges soon to be pressed against him!

Rania Hijazi, the technical producer of Abla Fahita program, denied that the program has gotten suspended, but she stated:”We do not know whether the program will continue or not in the new season.