We’ve all had our hearts broken and we’ve all broken hearts. Getting over breakups isn’t easy, to say the least. You get distracted, you lose your focus and it takes time for you to get back on track. And the better the relationship, the worse the mourning period. Feel free to contradict me, but I believe that movies may not always send the best message to heartbroken people. We all love us some sappy romantic comedies, but sometimes they’re so ridiculous in how they deal with breakup situations. Here are 5 ways that are just so unrealistic!!! 

1- Stuffing our face with unlimited number of calories


Tons of movies always have the girl find solace and comfort at the bottom of a Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream tub. According to the movies, finishing an entire gallon by yourself won’t make you sick. That sounds about right!

2- Getting revenge by the most ridiculous means 

legally blonde

Take ‘Legally Blonde’, for instance. I know this movie is loved by all, and in the end, it sends a message of empowerment and how Elle conquers law school. But, the fact that she went into law school to get revenge on her ex boyfriend in the first place is kind of ludicrous. The best revenge is to move on with your life, not follow him around!

3- Crying, crying and more crying 
Jess New Girl Breakup

In a lot of movies, the actresses playing the dumpees cry a lot and somehow their eyes seem just fine afterwards. I don’t know about any of you guys, but all the times I’ve cried until I couldn’t anymore, I had serious eye problems for a good amount of time afterwards.

4- Watching endless hours of tragical romantic movies Breakups

That doesn’t exactly happen in real life. I mean, yeah sure. I could go on a tragical romantic movies binge just because I’m in the mood for it. But, nobody actually stays in bed for days watching sappy sad movies because they’re going through a breakup. Yes, wallowing happens and it’s real, but after one day in bed, we get bored and resume our life.

5- Taking lots of bubble baths with the perfect messy bun 

aquamrine breakups

This one’s the ultimate scam. They get the girl to take a bubble bath, drink wine while she’s at it, have chocolates by her side; and the most important part is that she maintains her hair in a perfect messy bun.

Some movies commiserate with us because they tap into our feelings of hurt and anger, but others just take it to a whole new level of desperation!