“You have to stop choosing others over you! choose YOURSELF FIRST,”! That’s a phrase your best friend will probably tell you after having this long talk complaining about lack of appreciation or understanding regarding your daily life struggles. Whether you are a student, mother or a working woman your mindset is changing forever from now on! With Activia’s newest campaign (Enti l Awal-You first) women will arrange their priorities in the right order; putting themselves FIRST.

You are looking at the mirror with dizzy eyes finding a pale face, dark circles, messy hair and maybe stained clothes?…Starting to feel yourself so much older than your age yet? That’s exactly the moment you’re hit with the sad truth: you have always chosen things over yourself.

In a woman inspired song called “Enti El Hayah” , Activia portrayed women with different responsibilities and lives showing them how their lives would transform if they put themselves first. Activia encourages all women to reach holistic health and pay more attention to the happy moments in their busy lives.

Spending an effort on yourself is an essential key to your happiness; a woman must always find a way to pamper herself. Maybe by practicing a certain sport, maintaining a healthier lifestyle or even get a massage. It could be the simplest thing, but nothing will change unless you started to cherish yourself more.


Happiness is contagious and is all around, if you want to be happy the recipe is insanely easy. Just follow these simple steps: First! Know your worth; know your real value. Second, make sure you have a “Me time” on a DAILY basis. Third, throw ALL that stresses you away. And lastly, believe in yourself because if you didn’t no one else will.


Join Activia’s movement (Enti El Awal- You first) by posting pictures or videos of you using the hashtag #أنتي_الأول to empower and inspire all superwomen out-there. Make it your new life routine, and choose yourself first! Be an Activian!