It always sucks when you’re with your best friend and you give a movie effeh, only to go in vain, because they are not aware of Arabic movies and their afashat! And on the other side, it’s so frustrating when you’re sitting with a group of people and they crack up when someone says something that you have no idea what it means!

So, in order for you to catch up a bit, we’ve decided to tell you some common afashat aflam. Relationships break because of such levels of misunderstandings, so in order to save these precious relationships, we’ve created this quick guide for you! ّ

“i3ara ya 7agga i3ara” (Ga2ana el Bayan el Taly)
“Ana bamoot ya fakhry” (Ga2ana El Bayan El Taly)

“Beyfakar bel sini” (El 7asa El Sab3a)

“Kolohom mostafa abou 7agar” (7ob El Banat)

“Saya3ny ya 3atef” (El Nazer)

“Ana wakla koromb we mmkn abahdelak” (El Nazer)

“Enta habeeby men ayam el Giza” (3arees Men Geha Amneya)

“7asbeya allah we na3ma el wakil” (Ga2ana El Bayan El Taly)

“Kalaaaaam” (Mattab Sena3y)

“Wana 3amla nafsy nayma” (Fool El Seen El 3azeem)

“Ana momken atbas 3ady” (Samir we Shahir we Bahir)

“Taweitah” (Hammam fe Amsterdam)

“Ya kidab” (Africano)

“Amn we natana”  (Zaref Tarek)

“Yaaaah ya 3abd el samad” (Samir we Shahir we Bahir)